What if you believed in the possibility within every impossible thought you’ve ever had?

I help High Impact Men™ and Women achieve their high impact goals without compromise to the rest of their life.

You have big ideas, dreams, goals and desires.

Maybe these dreams are a bit foggy in your mind, but it is something that you can feel coursing through your veins, this desire for more.

You are never quite satisfied, always craving to do and be more in the world.

Sometimes it even confuses you why you just can’t be content right where you are, be grateful, because after all your life is pretty darn good already. But this itch, this nag is always there, no matter how much you try to suppress it or turn it off.

You know you are meant to do something great.

Perhaps you have already achieved success, but you still want more.

Perhaps success feels elusive to you, yet you have this deep knowing that you are here for a greater purpose. You are tuned into the possibility of making a positive impact in the world, but fear holds you back.

Fear of failure and the humiliation that may follow. Fear of judgement. Fear of being misunderstood. Fear that you will have to compromise your values at some level to create the impact you desire. Fear of success and the responsibilities that may entail. Fear that creating this level of impact means compromising something or maybe even everything in your life; your relationships, your recreation, your friendships, your health, your wealth. Maybe these fears are already a reality for you, and you are one step away from disaster in any one of these areas.

As a transformational coach I work with High Impact Men™ to help them own and step into their biggest dreams with confidence, to face their fears with support, and develop unique strategies to create harmony in all areas of their life.

I work with High Impact Men™ to move them towards their goals while living a life without compromise.

Why do I do this work?

My inspiration is twofold. First, we have big challenges in the world right now, and we need all hands on deck to create powerful positive solutions to these challenges. As an eternal optimist I believe we have the creativity to solve these biggest challenges, but to do so requires that these big ideas and solutions do not live and die inside the brilliant minds that are dreaming of them.

It is my mission to add wind behind the sails of your big dreams and ideas, and ensure that they do not live and die inside your brilliant mind.

Secondly, working in medicine I heard the stories of regret over and over as people faced their mortality. Stories of how they sacrificed their physical health for success. Stories of how they thought they had more time to repair the relationships they had been neglecting. Stories of the experiences they had saved for future retirement that were no longer possible due to their failing health.

I was witnessing the death of dreams and desires everyday. I was watching giants fall. No matter how much advice, information and knowledge I had to offer, they continued to fall.

When we ignore that which is creating disharmony in our life, that disharmony will often find a bigger way to get our attention later, and usually at the most inconvenient time. My work in medicine has inspired me to work with High Impact Men™ to create a life of harmony and ease that supports ongoing success.

You have a choice. Yes, you can continue to live each day maxed out, overwhelmed, stressed to the limit, full of guilt for time not spent with those that you love. You can continue to suppress your dreams for fear of failure and disguising it by telling yourself your life is good enough. But know that each day you are choosing this is one day closer to disease, one day closer to disaster.

Here I am giving you advice, telling you there is a better way, and using the same old scare tactics that I used in medicine. The same tactics that didn’t work to motivate even the most desperate to change. My career in medicine taught me many things, including that advice and willpower are rarely enough to create longterm changes in our life. If you are truly ready to create harmony and ease in your life while continuing to achieve your greatest goals it’s time to make a new choice.

It takes courage to make this choice, to believe that there is another way. It takes courage to ask for support and accountability at an entirely new level. It takes courage to look into the mirror and be willing to see the truth. This is how we rise. This is how we thrive. This is how we go to the next level no matter where we are now.

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Still curious about me?

I’m in love with my work as a transformational coach, mentor, and teacher. Nothing lights me up more then witnessing firsthand the transformation my clients experience as they begin to learn the science behind the art of creating success, health and happiness in all areas of their lives.

My background in medicine gives me a unique approach and perspective as a coach. To be honest, I have seen a lot of needless suffering. I have seen people receiving the worst news of their lives, and was often the one to deliver this news. I have seen many worst-care scenarios, people’s greatest fears, become reality in an instant.

What I witnessed in medicine has taught me about both compassion and courage in the face of all kinds of human experience. This is where my passion stems from.

I’ve had to communicate with doctors in high-stress, high-stakes situations with no space available for sugar coating. I’ve also had to interact with patients in intense pain or in the midst of mental breakdowns. Clients tell me I’m an excellent BS detector—it’s true, because my life experience has trained me to be fully present, honest, and direct, and at this point, I can’t do it any other way. Yet I also know how to create a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing pieces of themselves they’ve never opened up before.

I spent years researching and studying health and healing with an extremely open mind. Exploring the world of health and wellness for the better part of my life has taken me on an amazing journey. This journey led me down a circuitous path and ultimately into the world of coaching. My life has never been the same since. Coaching was the piece I needed to tie my unique skills and experiences into a package I could deliver to the world.

It was a natural transition for me to go from medicine to health coaching. As my health coaching practice expanded I began to notice a trend. The longer I worked with these clients, the more often they began to request coaching on areas of their life beyond their health, from relationships to business. I reveled in the new challenge, and I continued to watch clients succeed. As I continued to celebrate successes with my clients in these new areas, I became even more enthralled with coaching.  I took notice, and expanded my practice to reflect the clients I was attracting, and the support they were seeking.

Today I work with High Impact Men™ and Women that are ready to go to the next level of success, cultivating their greatest visions, dreams and desires without compromise to any other area of their life.