What if you believed in the possibility within every impossible thought you’ve ever had?


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that our minds are powerful, for good or bad. Liberty has helped me to change the way I look at things: anything is possible. She taught me to listen to the dialogue I have with myself about the choices that I make in my life. She is upbeat, encouraging and motivating. I would recommend Liberty as she can help you realize what is getting in the way of you accomplishing the things you want to in your life.

K. Finn

What one client said after a single Strategy Session.I learned great insight as to why I avoid pursuing goals that I could potentially have great personal satisfaction and success in if I would simply hold myself accountable daily to take the steps to work at it i.e. Writing. I gained tremendous insight and was very encouraged. I have quit disparaging self-talk and instead I am cheering myself on. I am very grateful for Liberty’s intuitive ability to quickly grasp “where I am at” and get me unstuck!


I set out with three goals to work on, and after working with Liberty for 12 weeks I have a better understanding about why those goals have been so hard to reach. I was never really working on the true problems or belief patterns that needed to be solved for long-term results. Liberty asked me questions that I am still pondering today because I’ve never spent time trying to answer these types of questions. My time with Liberty reinforces the idea that life is a journey and as such we should not focus on end results but the experience along the way. We might just find that what we wanted in the end was really something different all along.


When I embarked on my journey with Liberty, I was both excited and apprehensive. After all, what did she have to offer that was unique to anything else I had already tried? Her approach began to transform my world, how I mindfully viewed challenges, received joy, and to appreciate the value in both. My journal contains so much knowledge and insightfulness that even weeks after a session I find value in revisiting the exercise or notes in my journal. I feel I have more awareness and direction than ever before. Because Liberty was so intuitive to my needs and concerns, she was able to design a multifaceted approach just for me. I cannot thank her enough for her ability to listen, design and coach me to a better version of myself. She has illuminated the path I always knew was there but could not find and has set me on a course that I envision for my life. I value this experience more than I could have ever realized.