american cast iron pipe company
Configurations are available that are UL Listed. American also furnishes standard and special linings and coatings. AMERICAN has incorporated significant and innovative design changes to help prolong service life for swing check valves in water and sewage service. The manufacturing of steel parts for ships, planes and tanks led to the creation of a new Special Products Division for steel products, the first diversification in American’s history. This philosophy still guides the business today. Upon his death, having previously acquired all of the stock of the company, he willed ownership of the company in a trust to its employees.[1]. American-Darling® and Waterous® fire hydrants for fire protection applications, gate valves 2”-66”, check valves, indicator posts, tapping sleeves, hydrant security, remote pressure monitoring technology & more. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. American Cast Iron Pipe Fast Facts. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Its Steel Pipe Division would also see major developments. Its divisions -- including American Ductile Iron Pipe, American Flow Control, and American Steel Pipe -- make ductile iron pipe and fittings, cast steel tubes, fire hydrants and fire truck pumps, and valves for water treatment and energy production. Uncover why American Cast Iron Pipe Company is the best company for you. American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, Alabama. This merger yielded a division active in the design and production of waterworks and fire protection products. High-frequency-welded steel pipe to API Standards for the oil, natural gas and energy markets as well as structural pipe for pilings and casings. The company’s product line also features joints of various types designed for ease of installation and dependability in a variety of conditions. American Ductile Iron Pipe, based in Birmingham, Alabama, manufactures ductile iron pipe in standard 20-foot lengths ranging from 4-64 inches in diameter. With its natural resources, access to raw materials and rail transportation, Birmingham was considered a well suited location. In the 1920s, American developed a proprietary Mono-Cast centrifugal casting method and increased pipe diameters to a record 24 inches (610 mm). Its divisions -- including American Ductile Iron Pipe, American Flow Control, and American Steel Pipe -- make ductile iron pipe and fittings, cast steel tubes, fire hydrants and fire truck pumps, and valves for water treatment and energy production. AMERICANs 14"-16" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems. A new melting system in 1972, including the largest cupola of its kind in the world, would supply the new iron for this pipe, and American would move from a Sand Spun casting process to a generation of deLavaud metal molds, still used today. At age 21, John inherited $6,000 from his grandmother. His father died of tuberculosis on July 19, 1870. In 2014, Weld for Birmingham listed him among "50 Who Shaped Birmingham." Product Description Product Description Eagan died in Asheville, North Carolina, where he had traveled in hopes of regaining his health. In April 1923, Eagan added a codicil to his will placing all the company stock in a trust for employees. Product Description Product Description The Right Way isn't just a tagline. Find out what works well at American Cast Iron Pipe Company from the people who know best. She and her brother James recruited the initial investors, including Mr. Eagan, who was the company's first president and later sole proprietor. Founded in 1905 in Birmingham, Alabama, AMERICAN is a manufacturer of fire hydrants, valves, ductile iron pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe for the waterworks industry and high-frequency-welded steel pipe for the oil and natural gas industries. American SpiralWeld Pipe Company, LLC was established as a division of American in 1999. A program of excellent employee benefits became synonymous with the American name.  |  His father died of tuberculosis on July 19, 1870. Eagan had suffered from tuberculosis for many years and died from one of its common complications—meningitis. Product Description Eagan was one of five charter investors in the Birmingham pipe plant, which was named American Cast Iron Pipe Company and came to be recognized by the acronym ACIPCO. He invested the money and by 1899 had a fortune of over $73,000. A promise that means we'll be there for you no matter what. He served as the company's president from 1905 until 1915, when James McWane was named president and Eagan became chairman of the ACIPCO Board of Directors. The Eagans also lived for periods of time with Mary's sister in Cartersville and on the farm of a family friend. California Supply Chain Act Disclosures. Also in 2000, American engineered a single electrode DC furnace, the only one of its kind in the world. In 1939, business was further boosted by federal defense spending to support the impending war. American Cast Iron Pipe Co (ACIPCO) operates one of the largest ductile iron pipe casting plants in the world. Therefore it is my duty to get into the field where I can glorify Him most.". Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, American's diversified product line also includes static castings and high performance fire pumps. The turn of the century would bring a host of innovations for American's water works divisions, including zinc-coated ductile iron pipe, the AFC Mapper for utility asset management, gate valves up to 60 inches in diameter and American's Earthquake Joint System. American Castings, LLC is located in Pryor, Oklahoma. As the new millennium dawned, American was poised for further growth, opening American SpiralWeld Pipe Company in Columbia, South Carolina, and diversifying its product line to include spiral-welded steel pipe in diameters up to 144 inches (3,700 mm). In March 1991, American Cast Iron Pipe Company merged its two valve- and hydrant-producing subsidiaries—American-Darling Valve and Waterous—into one division, American Flow Control. Box 2727 Ductile iron pipe for the municipal water and wastewater distribution and transmission markets, industrial and power markets including fabrication for treatment plants and pump stations. American Cast Iron Pipe Company at the Stuart A. Production facilities are located in Beaumont, Texas, and South St. Paul, Minnesota. The AMERICAN Series 2100 resilient seated check valve is simple, durable and eliminates most problems associated with metal-seated swing check valves. In accord with his Christian beliefs, and influenced by social and industrial reform movements of the day, Eagan developed a business model at ACIPCO based on the "Golden Rule". At age 16, Eagan left school and returned to Atlanta. Industrial Valves: Learn more. The company serves the waterworks industry. While developing his plan for ACIPCO, Eagan bought back all the common stock of the company to become its sole owner by the end of 1921. Big Fish. American Cast Iron Pipe Company is a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry, and electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for the oil and natural gas industry. Brain Power (IP) Company Profile & Annual Report for American Cast Iron Pipe Access the complete profile. American Cast Iron Pipe Co (ACIPCO) operates one of the largest ductile iron pipe casting plants in the world. Throughout the 1990s the company embraced the digital age, applying computing and Internet technologies across the board. © 2011 AMERICAN (American Cast Iron Pipe Company). AMERICAN provides tapping valves for sizes 4"-48", rated at 250 psig pressure. Founded in 1905 in Birmingham, Alabama, AMERICAN an American manufacturer that is committed to doing things the right way – … American Cast Iron Pipe Company A manufacturer of ductile iron and steel pipe, Birmingham-based American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) has a diversified product line that also includes fire hydrants and valves, ductile iron fittings, spiral-welded steel pipe in diameters up to 144 inches, centrifugally cast steel tubes, static castings and fabricated assemblies. Product Description It offers electric-resistance steel pipes for oil and natural gas pipelines. John was studious and excelled in school, studied the Bible and was active, along with his mother, in Christian ministry at Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. He also constructed affordable housing for workers, as well as schools, churches, a medical clinic, a library, a bank, and an employee-operated store. Revenue: Over $500 million See Exact Annual Revenue: Employees : Over 1,000 Exact Company Size: Primary Industry: 33111 Iron & … American took a lead role in use of this new iron to make large-diameter pipe that was thinner yet stronger. They are also known as regulators and are used in a wide variety of applications. In 2015, American Steel Pipe completed a $70-million expansion, including a new 150,000-square-foot processing facility and upgrades to its two mills.


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