amores ovid translation
Remember next time you’re sent out, crossing the doorsill. I won’t be a reproach to you, one you’d be pleased to lose: this love of ours will never be one to disown. Did you marry the old man on my advice? You’ll lead Conscience, hands twisted behind her back. She pretends to go to see a friend who isn’t ill. If Rome had not spread her power to the wide world. Receive him again soon, don’t let him get used to suffering. The oxen that shirk when first seized for the yoke. If Ilia had murdered the twins in her swollen womb. Let the gods make that the cause of my death! Let the soldier’s breast oppose the enemy missiles. Anyone who wants to know. The crime deserved no less. secret messages are deduced from its lack of expression. Farewell, anyway, and know your duty’s over: it’s no disgrace to admit lovers slowly, so goodbye! I’ve risen to it well, in the first line, on a clean page. if without battle she suffers wounds from her own weapons. The tragedies of Sophocles will never be lost: nor Aratus as long as there’s a sun and moon: While devious slaves, stern fathers, cruel pimps. and cruel Love lives there, in my conquered breast. or gives it as a gift, to please herself. While she would struggle so, it was as if she could not win. And there’s no good fortune mixed in with my acts –. yielding, she was effortlessly conquered. So if you’ve called all lovers idlers, forget it. Then, I say, you’ll be eased of your long bondage. That’s it: a slender arrow sticks fast in my heart. they made me as I am, and Amor, who gives me to you. Why tell Venus’s son to sell himself for cash? Your weapons were no help: her entrance was even closed to your mightier bolt. and why She so often sleeps alone in bed. For my service to you repay me, with a sweet reward. and strike the unarmed mass with armed hand. you could never free your beak much for eating. - If it was so fine, and you were scared to dress it. and say: ‘Now I’m counting the cost of buying it. Too late to look back at shore, when the ropes are loosed. or your breasts or convenient nipples accept his fingers. If no great names of ancient ancestors commend me. and the circling stars not to flee before your face! Beg, yourself, and a west wind will fill your canvas. There’s a squalid prison for disloyal hearts. and make him, or yourself, end with wet cheeks: and if you’re cheating don’t let perjury scare you –. You’ll have your flattering followers Delusion and Passion. giving out the strident noise of panels thrown back? I myself was lazy and born to idle leisure: Love for a lovely girl soon drove the idler. and give me space and matter for my deceits. A vain wish? you force them both to rise to new litigation. Before you rise the sailor more easily watches for his stars. you’ll bear witness of so many evil hours consumed. not wish to be anywhere in the heavens without you. where, whatever else it is, the gain is bloodless. –. denied that one man could love two girls at once. call back the spinner’s hand to her duty. and Hippolytus’s father, Theseus, and Hippolytus read, what poor Dido said with the sword tight in her hand. –. Shortly your natural hair will be seen again. I’ll be the first to sight your boat from the shore, I’ll bear you to land on my shoulders, snatch disordered. appreciated only in terms of the giver’s love. unwilling to follow the army and their shields. of a procuress! the damp earth green with everlasting grass. Your hand did it and you’re paying for your crime: Now you’ll send for the hair of German prisoners: you’ll be safe, with the gift of conquered peoples. it’s wrong to open the purse of the chosen judges. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. giving hope of being sweetly nimble in bed. spewing out and sucking back the flooding waters. and her art can make rivers flow back to their source: She knows what herbs to use, how to whirl the bullroarer. Who’ll not say ‘madman, barbarian!’ to me? Above all show him the gifts others have given. And don’t let ancestral portraits round the atrium fool you. Deceived through you, through you caught defenceless –. Her husband’s also not wise: why labour to watch. while golden Minerva fanned the flaming fires? Shall I give in: to go down fighting might bank the fires? it offered itself as dread executioner’s crosses: it gave vile shade to the screeching owls. –. why shouldn’t I please myself with my dreams? There’s more glory in beating those who fight. Who’d approve of Ceres ruling the wooded hills. leading captive youths and captive girls: that procession will be a magnificent triumph. So, while granite, while the unyielding ploughshare. healing his wounds quickly with its power? You’ve a mighty kingdom, boy, and too much power. We use cookies for social media and essential site functions. She wrote back nervously: ‘It’s not allowed!’, And, querying why it wasn’t, I got the reply. Mars is chancy, Venus uncertain: the fallen can rise again. the words prescribed meaning definite things. So I’m always to be accused of some new crime? and Fate held an empty spool of thread for you. so that sealing the work would give me no pain. Now see me, active and fighting nocturnal wars. if he could commit the offence with a maidservant? at mouths being so joined, I lament what else is joined too: She could have been taught nowhere but in bed. from a husband’s being made to learn of un-chastity. not like a sister greeting her sober brother. Make that occasion soon, for the inscription and the gifts. Breasts formed as if they were made for pressing! remove that guilty cloth from your table. the man who makes love to the wife of a fool. the golden girl, who brings day to the frozen sky. Be silent about me, who’s enticed by everything. If she wants to rule a long time, she must cheat her lover. he whose strength can last out nine generations: but that loquacious mimic of the human voice. half-open, that a body gets through sideways. perish with the years, poetry will not die. When you’re lacking in reasons for asking gifts. the founder of my mistress’s City would have been lost. the sticky wax not freeing from a dry gem, I’d be touched first by the lovely girl’s wet lips –. It wasn’t black: it wasn’t golden, however, not quite either, a colour mixed from both –. the tears I had made her shed were my blood. The wolf eats best that preys on the whole flock. if one can satisfy, fine, if not, then two! Still all this I can see, but what the cloth may well hide. Thracian Maenad’s, lying heedless on the emerald grass. Even if I were set between Castor and Pollux, I’d. You see the informers with chains around their necks? Gnawing Envy, why reproach me with an indolent life: and call the work of my genius idle song? Or I’m ready now myself with the sword and fire. Will you never give me a reason for wishing you dead? behold, disgrace, I love two at the same time! –, or I pen the words Penelope wrote Ulysses. It’s proper for you to demand gifts for yourself. living, you’ll often say good things of me, and often pray, that my bones rest softly after I’m dead.’. But her silent face still showed reproof: she accused me with speechless mouth, in tears. to pierce your troubled body with your hand? Earth would have been bereft of future Caesars. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Why annoy me, a soldier who’s never left your standard. Nor do I grieve at that alone – I don’t just lament. You’d be more gently compliant, facilitate my requests. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. – bound by a harsh chain. I cried: ‘That’s wicked, wicked to scorch your hair! and forfeited the leader’s captured mares. May those who carved the world into long roads. and with wonderful art fall into the loose folds. And why shouldn’t he? Don’t, above all, be willing to yield a single kiss! If it’s one with modest eyes cast on the ground. ‘True, modesty suits a pale face. like a breeze blowing through the poplar leaves. -  Only her waistband would have felt my strength. or shamefully tear her tunic from throat to waist? You’re slow: or asleep, do lovers who curse you. you kept good vigil under the midnight stars. O watchman, believe me, if you’re wise, you’ll desist. but she could be sweeter at a man’s touch. in air, and jackdaws, informants of rain to come: and the raven detested by armed Minerva lives too –. and Love has triumphed over the tragic poet. to swear faithfulness by the vast power of Venus! victorious one, spend your powers frugally on me now!


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