binding of isaac: antibirth items

Rifts attract enemies, enemy shots, Isaac's tears, and pickups. * curse room pool, demon beggar pool, demon judgement pool, devil beggar pool, devil pool,

• Can cause up to a total of 184 potential damage. * secret room pool, item room, treasure room, item room pool, bag, purple, pouch.

• The laser deals damage equal to your tear damage * 4, at 7

as Bethany. After a

• The fire rate increase is applied in such a way that the higher your tear stat is, the more effective Cancer is.

• Can also be thrown against a door to open it (Doesn't work against Mega Satan's door). * item room, treasure room, item room pool, pink, slug, bug, face. pool, grey, gray, black. The mod includes new items, characters, enemies, challenges, secrets, and much more! * item room, treasure room, item room pool, yellow, smile, face, bug.

* astrology, astronomy, item room, treasure room, item room pool, black, blue, cyan, blue, glow,

Picking up all three pieces grants a knife familiar that damages enemies and grants access to the. Increases damage. • The chance to damage enemies is affected by your luck stat and at +50 or more Luck it will activate 50% of the time. • Upon use, displays a random fortune and has a chance to drop either a soul heart, tarot card, rune or trinket. • Each laser does damage equal to your current tear damage. • All damage taken is reduced to half a heart. Using an activated item while it's not charged will charge it and Sharp Plug does 2 full heart … UNLOCK: Unlock this card by beating Challenge #20 (Purist).

Item Pool: Item Room, Devil Room, Challenge Room, * dungeon room, blood challenge room, arena pool, • Ghost Baby fires tears at a rate of 1 tear per second. * item room, treasure room, item room pool, starting, turd, brown. close-by, damaging them for 2 contact damage and causing a fear effect. • When used, deals damage to Isaac in exchange for +1.2 damage up which lasts for the current room. the lost item pool, red, beads, grey, gray, cross. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating Boss Rush with Judas.

* curse room pool, shop room pool, shop item pool, grey, gray.

Cosmetic change only. • Allows you to fire a red flame infront of you, similar to the

* angel room pool, god room pool, angel room item, item room, treasure room, item room pool, disappear and he will respawn with the same amount of red heart yellow, white, triangle. * item room, treasure room, item room pool, robo baby, robot baby, white, grey, gray, silver, red. pool, golden chest pool, gold chest pool, devil pool, devil room pool, • When used, rerolls all enemies in the room which are currently alive into another random type of enemy from any floor.

Mom's Purse). • Isaac leaves a trail of tar behind him which will slow down enemies that walk over it.

• When you kill an enemy, you have a chance to spawn a transparent Dead Bird familiar.

UNLOCK: Unlock this item by defeating The Witness as Lazarus. In Afterbirth+ this card does not work on the Delirium boss.

* angel room pool, god room pool, angel room item, item room, treasure room, item room pool, • If an item room as not yet been entered, it can be transformed to either a regular or Red Treasure Room by picking up or dropping this trinket before entering. • Tears now turn into arrow heads and pierce through enemies. * item room, treasure room, item room pool, grey, gray, silver, ingot. In Afterbirth Eve starts with this item after donating 439 coins to the Greed Donation Machine.

UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating challenge #23 (Blue Bomber). Upon use, restarts the game to the first floor, keeping all previously collected items. Bombs release rock waves in the cardinal directions, which can damage enemies, destroy obstacles, and damage Isaac. • Successfully hitting an enemy with a tear will cause other nearby enemies to be zapped with damage, • Taking damage causes Isaac to fire a circle of tears around him (similar to the Tammy's Head effect), • After taking damage, you also gain a Tears Up (fire rate increase) for the rest of the current room, • Greatly decreases damage (0.3 damage multiplier), • Individual tears gain random worm effects (e.g. * item room, treasure room, item room pool, grey, gray, devil. • Spawns a ladder in the starting room of the next floor, which leads to an Angel Room.

(6 full hearts to fully charge).

• All pills now have a positive or neutral effect. • A familiar which follows Isaac and shoots lasers, similar to the Technology item. Grants 5 bombs. Catches enemy shots and flings them back at enemies as homing tears. *, horns, grey, gray, white, red, dead, tongue. * shop room pool, shop item pool, battery, black, brown.

• Reveals the locations of the secret and super secret room for the current floor and all future floors. blue, glow, 69.

* angel room pool, god room pool, angel room item, baby, wings. Item Pool: Item Room, Library, Devil Room, * library pool, library room, book room pool, devil at the end of a room, while also reducing your chance to find (Only applied after the height stat is next updated). multipliers from Cricket's Head / Blood of The Martyr + Book of Belial).

• Laser damage does not scale with your damage stat.

• The maximum effect is (damage + 1.5) * 2, resulting in more than After taking damage at least once, the sword can fall at any time, instantly killing him.

• After getting hit once, you gain a damage reduction for the rest of the room similar to The Wafer item (-50% damage taken).

• Doubles your pickup drops including chests, soul hearts and all other consumables which spawn at the end of a room. *, money, silver, grey, gray, steam, smoke, cent.

UNLOCK: Unlock this item by visiting 10 arcades. • When taken with another item which gives an extreme value in a certain stat (e.g. Upon taking enough tear or contact damage, the orbital splits into two smaller ones that orbit opposite of each other.

* curse room pool, red chest pool, red chest item pool, devil pool, devil room pool, devil deal,

* item room, treasure room, item room pool, the lost item pool, starting, grey, gray. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating the Depths 20 times and killing the Gish boss. • Can be used to detonate Dr. Fetus bombs early. * normal beggar pool, normal judgement pool, coin beggar pool, coin judgement pool, shop room pool,


• While held, Isaac has a significantly higher chance to find drops when breaking poops. • Breaks the normal fire rate cap, allowing you to fire faster than the normal maximum. • Contact damage is also dealt to enemies equal to the amount of coins Isaac is currently holding.

the chain is fully extended. Grants a familiar that fires shots that freeze enemies.

beggar pool, coin judgement pool, item room, treasure room, item room • The chance to fire a piercing tear is affected by your luck stat and at +18 Luck it will activate every time.


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