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In worst they can bring down your website by submitting the contact form hundreds of times a second. Real humans will easily perform this task, but bots most probably won't be able to pass the check. You can see another great visual effect when you click on the text boxes. The submit button is very wide, it’s as wide as the message field. There will be 3 new variables: Then, we just need to initialize SMTP sending by this code snippet. This tweak is also included in the download package as contact-2.php. They may also enter values into them if they want. Like the other contact forms developed by Colorlib, this form is also free and fully customizable, meaning you don’t have to spend any money for integrating it to your website and you can make necessary changes to it. Note: I updated this tutorial to Bootstrap 4 already but no worries if you are still using Bootstrap 3 in your project. Contact Form 4 by Colorlib is an awesome, free contact form template which can be added on any website. If he/she enters invalid texts, error messages are shown when the user hovers the mouse over the text fields. Contact Form 2 made by Colorlib is a beautiful, free contact form template designed using Bootstrap. Like the other templates mentioned in this blog post, this is also a free, fully customizable contact form template greatly designed with Bootstrap. Pro component If you need a contact form so that your potential customers can contact you, this form template will be a good choice for you. On clicking on the text fields, the placeholder texts disappear and the lines of the text fields become green, which enhances the user experience. There are cool text boxes and a button in the form. We are going to use the PHPMailer instead. But if the user wants to get a quote from you, he/she needs to select the radio button with the caption ‘Get a Quote’ and a more advanced form will appear where there are input fields for budget and services. There are three mandatory fields while the rest of the fields are optional. This kind of design looks very good. This contact … If you want to develop the form on your computer, you will need a local server with PHP support.One of the most common solutions is e.g. Contact Form 5 built by Colorlib is a nice, free Bootstrap contact form. So if the user wants to get a copy of the entered details, he/she can get them to his/her email address. This form is cool enough and can be integrated easily like any other contact form mentioned in this blog post. You can see an arrow icon beside the button caption, which has made the button nicer. This image has added beauty to the form. Today, I would like to show you some more modifications that can take the functionalities of the form a bit further. There should not be anything tricky for you, so just a few words about it: As we have the main layout ready, we can replace the
in our HTML code with our fancy Bootstrap Contact form itself. For this article, I have collected some awesome free Bootstrap contact form templates. If you don't want to follow the tutorial or you, just need a working solution, you can download the final files from our GitHub repository here. 2. 10,000 components, dozens of plugins and much more cool The result of this tutorial will be working responsive contact form with fields validation and with some basic CSS styling. Your email address will not be published. For example, for the email field, the placeholder text is ‘Eg. This form has four text fields. This is one of the best Bootstrap contact forms developed by Colorlib. Before talking about the Bootstrap contact forms, let’s first briefly discuss the importance of having a contact form on your website. The text fields look modern because single lines have been used for the text fields instead of rectangular text boxes. This tweak is also included in the download package as contact-3.php. Contact Form 1 developed by Colorlib is a cool contact form designed with Bootstrap. This contact form looks cool because of the excellent choice of colors. Round text boxes, round button, and a great color combination used in this template have made the form beautiful. Behind the form, you can see a nice picture of a mountain. The mandatory fields are marked with a star. You can add this template to any website. There is a PHPMailer package included in the download but I suggest that you download the actual release from its GitHub. You can use it to build an elegant…, Foliou is a responsive one-page Bootstrap 4 portfolio template. for Bootstrap, jQuery and a Font I used their, To display the possible errors, there is a, if the POST array where the form values are stored is not empty, continue. By seeing this text, the user can quickly understand that he/she needs to enter a message in this field. You can reach him at [email protected], Login forms are everywhere on the web. This is another awesome contact form template developed by Colorlib. Although this title is appropriate enough, you may change this text to some other text. This form has interesting effects. var email = document.getElementById('email').value; After that, we just need to pass the $emailText we have pregenerated to a $mail->msgHTML() function. It's made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. As always, there could be further modifications done as e.g. We highly appreciate it! This is a often forgotten best practise, to redirect after the form is submitted. We all know annoying browser questions that you are about to send a form data again, etc., that happen if you do not redirect the user after submitting a form. JavaScript The user has to enter the email address in the correct email format. Remove following snippet from contact.js. The color combination used in this template is really great. Do you need a web host? (ex: Rafaelo) A:Leonardo, Community developed components & design projects. For each text field, there’s a proper placeholder text, the text color of which is grey. The user can enlarge the message field by dragging the right-bottom corner of this field. There’s a beautiful submit button below the message field. So if the user’s message doesn’t fit into this text box, he/she can make the box larger. When you click on the text fields, you can see cool visual effects. How to build a working Bootstrap contact form, Today I would like to show you how to easily build a working HTML contact form using a Bootstrap 4 framework and AJAX with PHP. …,, a complete example of their Gmail implementation, Universal - Business & E-commerce Template, Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates, Cathedral - Bootstrap Church & Charity Template, Best Portfolio Website Templates and Themes. Vue. Using components and features labeled as Contact Form 12 is one of the most fantastic contact form templates developed by Colorlib. I will not go to the details too much though, as styling emails is a whole new chapter. If you need any additional help, use our "5 min Quick Start" guide or start full Bootstrap One WordPress theme at a time. If you are using the HTML message with the PHPMailer, the solution would be replacing this: As you can see, I also added some basic styling to the