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The Questar astronomical instruments made after the 1960's include a solar filter that can be switched into position over the finder. Pricing Considerations on the Questar Telescope Questar Standard, with Zerodur Mirror, Broad-band and Low-reflection coatings. Although it takes some careful research, listing, and packaging, you can make a pretty profit off the Questar Telescope through an eBay sale. However, you may wish to contact us for exact current prices. Company Seven may accept an instrument in trade against a newer model. It will diminish shake and blur effects. eBay is the place to buy and sell all types of items, including the telescopes. Set any camera you are using to the highest resolution possible through the menu and setting options. • Position the scope vertical so it points upward. Owners of older Questar astronomical telescopes or of Field Model instruments who wish to observe the Sun can purchase the Solar Filter for the Finderscope; this component is easily installed by the operator of a telescope. When selling the Questar Telescope online through the eBay platform, you’ve already got a captive audience. 3. Your research will have to involve a price inclusion. Here are some staging tips you can use to ensure you have adequate photos for your listing. The entire box should then be placed within a larger box with all voids within filled with packing materials. • Mirror type should be bubble wrapped and packed with the case but not inside where they may work loose and scratch the telescope. Your file sizes should be medium or high. The removed sleeve, scope, and all angles of the telescope’s body. Display the case on a neutral colored table with a neutral backdrop. Here is a copy of my listing. You’ll also be able to keep the legs of the scope in the pockets on the door’s interior. Do not use any flash when photographing your scope. Make sure the scope aligns correctly when you take an image of it. But, there is some risk associated with doing so. 7. You can get an entire roll of bubble wrap for just under $20 bucks. With no reserve set, the bidder wins at the price set. Insure the telescope when you ship it for the sale price. Any loose items (eyepieces, etc.) 14. To Return an Instrument: to us we suggest the telescope and any other optical accessories such as eyepieces be securely packaged. If you choose to put a telescope up for auction, make sure your reserve price is reasonable or your starting price is reasonable. If there are significant flaws, share the information with the buyer. The wiring and motor are housed within the drive base, and one small inconspicuous RJ - telephone style female connector is recessed into the bottom of the drive base. All control is done with "On Off" switch, and four (E-W-N-S-) buttons, there are no switches on the drive base - all is on the hand paddle that plugs into the bottom of the base. 13. 10514-50: Questar Anniversary Model, with Silvered Quartz Mirror, Magnesium Fluoride AR, 1/10 wave optics and special accessory package. Note in your description that you’ve left them untouched. • Coatings You can use the tips here to make sure you cover all your bases as you ready your eBay listing. Left to right: Corrector Lens (31,743 bytes), Primary Mirror as seen through Corrector Lens (25,233 bytes), and closer view of Primary Mirror (23,244 bytes). If you are an eBay seller and you want to put a Questar Telescope up for auction or a buy now option, there’s a lot to consider. A medium heavy box measuring 18” x 18” x 16” runs just over $2.00 in price. One all-inclusive shot with the case, scope, accessories, and documentation. and adjusts it if necessary. Otherwise, your buyer will need to know you don’t have it and it requires replacement. for Fork Mount instruments: polishing of the drive base, and fork arms. Don’t forget to wrap the case as well. The astronomical Questar telescope models include a Solar Filter for the objective lens (a smaller aperture 1" off-axis filter, or upgraded 3-1/2" full aperture filter). Quality pictures will reveal defects. Make sure image are larger than 500 pixels. A full value insurance for replacement of the contents should help to guarantee proper handling. Video the pre-packaging process. It is on the bottom of the scope’s base. These enzymes can not only dissolve the antireflective and protective coatings but given time will etch into the silica (glass) of the telescope. questar standard. However, reviewing completed listings on eBay is limited compared to WorthPoint. 70 & Astroview 90, Orion Explorer 90 4.6 out of 5 stars 17 $69.00 $ 69 . Use your Questar telescope to fill the entire frame of the image. Any additional eyepieces remain stored inside the case. eBay insists sellers have atleast one photograph with every product listing. In general, you’ll need a great description and awesome pictures. Otherwise, make a note that you did not adjust the knobs for taking the photo. • Serial number When a telescope is in such a poor condition that it is beyond being cost effective to repair, then we can accept them traded in against another instrument, or purchased outright where we will then either use them for parts or for static display in our telescope museum. conversion program. Questar Dust Cap/Lens Cover would cost $35.00; please add $3.50 for postage/UPS shipping.


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