kartvelian language tree
The Kartvelian family is not known to be related to any other language family, making it one of the world's primary language families. Thank you for commenting this! Al. Georgian language – from Kartvelian language family is one of the unique and the OLDEST language in the world and you have missed it! You conduct the ideology of european domination and by doing it you contribute to cognitive injustice. Albanian is related to slavic. Which university degree do you have? Hi there. You tree is not complete even if the intention is to depict only the Indo-European languages. Let’s go look for one. The country with one of the unique 14 alphabets of the world, maybe I am mistaken and could not find it? 65% of English is derived from Latin, 35% from Germanic roots. How come there is such a thing as; Croatian and Bosnian “language”, while we all know the Serbian language is the auxiliary -Lingua franca in those recently created artifitial nations, but there are no Mongolian, Tibetan, or the real ancient and still existing Khoisan languages!?!? The name os taken from pronancation of word a houndert. Where is Georgian language – ქართული ენა ? A simple google search shows that Turkish has been excluded our language trees are more complex that this graphic. created by Minna Sundberg, author of the webcomic Stand Still. After I left the school, I no longer added to the blog, but you’re free to read through it and pose your own questions which I think will be relayed to me. neutral—neutral with respect to intention. creator of this sucks! Where is Tamil here? neutral—neutral with respect to intention. The problem lies in the writer of this article who misnamed their article. Valencian is not considered a language. Maybe the language spoken by Yamnaya was a kind of a protolanguage for proto-Kartvelian, proto-Indo-European, proto-Uralic and proto-Altaic. The most of slavic have many words from latine, but the root words and the grammar is not west. On the basis of glottochronological analysis, Georgi Klimov dates the split of the Proto-Kartvelian into Svan and Proto-Karto-Zan to the 19th century BC,[13][14] and the further division into Georgian and Zan to the 8th century BC,[14] although with the reservation that such dating is very preliminary and substantial further study is required. Not educational– at all. It’s actually pretty racist. Even if this was for a comic it is still pretty damn racist to imply that the africans, arabs, and orientals will all be wiped out in this apocalyptic future while those on the map survive. On the other hand, people pointing out missing languages aren’t making “dumb comments” either. (sorry armchair linguist) I’m sure real linguists would point out many other flaws in this. You might want to look into the ancient Greek word “slaves” – find its meaning and find whom the Greeks were calling by this word. To my humble opinion, when you have an ambition to write down a “tree of languages”, at least you have to know the thing precisely and thoroughly. Georgian alphabet was derived from one of the Semitic alphabets around 6th century BC. Someone named Ivan Lanin from Indonesia posted this article on Facebook. This tree has not grown properly. The primary difference between Indoeuropean tonqyes are settim and kentum. He has a huge influence among Indonesian who learn language and linguistic. Please bear this in mind. The person may be singular or plural. The Turkic languages are not part of these, but of the Altaic languages. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall or on Facebook. The Kartvelian family is not known to be related to any other language family, making it one of the world's primary language families. If the headline had been “some branches of the tree of language”, instead of its bold claim to be THE tree, you would have avoided a lot of criticism. objective-passive—the action is intended for another person and at the same time indicating the passiveness of subject. If you don’t like this language tree, make your own. Russian language is not the Slavic language. Of course there’ll be people saying your work is not good enough because they think it should include all 400+ Indo-European languages, including those with 20k speakers, or mention Turkic group and other non I.E. POlish 500 ist pięćset. Thanks. At least my old Webster’s dictionary had a more complete picture in the front, and that was fifty+ years ago! Call it Tree of European Languages ONLY! West to the left, east to the right as in the Wester-European detail below. If so, look up the definition of “Old World” – the title in the centre of the map. As well as Ladino. Textbook example of something literally being taken out of context and that leading to inappropriate complaints about exclusion, ignorance, worse, yada yada. The only reason a truncated Uralic is included is to visually show how Finnish is “up another tree” from the rest of the languages relevant to the story. The title of the infographic is very clear, while the writer, for some reason, either carelessness or ignorance, named their article as the tree of languages. Colin Marshall writes on cities, language, Asia, and men’s style. yes I’m very angry about it… thats weird how they omit a language that has been spoken since the born of the time! This page was last modified on 27 September 2020, at 15:12. subjective—shows that the action is intended for oneself. I’m just an armchair linguist. What about Africa? Perhaps — but I’m not canceling my plans to attend Spanish practice group tonight. Armenian, a separate branch of Indo-European languages, missing, despite having 8-10 mln estimated native-speakers. Native American languages, Hawaiian/Pacifica tongues, to say nothing of the many that grew in the Indian subcontinent and Africa. The Kartvelian languages (/kɑːrtˈviːliːən/; Georgian: ქართველური ენები, translit. also missing are the ancient Berber languages – Kabyle, Chaoui – it’s ridiculous to miss these out! … და რა ხდება ქართული ენის შესახებ ?? Also not shown are the Sino-Tibetan languages with more than a billion speakers, the Hamito-Semitic languages with around 500 million speakers and other language families. With all due respect to the author, but what was the purpose of creating this language tree? Perhaps you you give a try at languages from your region. Dont worry.. thats the root for all above.! And it’s a much more natural idea than forced Indo-European family. I hope you enjoy the read. from North Caucasian to Kartvelian and vice versa) has been observed; therefore, it is likely that certain grammatical features have been influenced as well. in Linguistics from the City University of New York). This is one of the ancient languages…. All means, keep pointing all the beauty that can be found in your own linguistic trees, but maybe learning more about Finnish couldn’t hurt. It’s a really good comic, by the way. C’mon guys, Georgia has its own alphabet, culture and history, much longer than most languages on the map! Totaly incorect ….,how is possible to publish that think …. Don’t mislead. If the Dené–Caucasian hypothesis, which attempts to link Basque, Burushaski, the North Caucasian families and other phyla, is correct, then the similarities to Basque may also be due to these influences, however indirect. Grammatical gender does not exist. I hope you find it enlightening and helpful! Worth noting that Ural-Altaic scientifically considered to be a one single family that has two main branches. As a Turk I’m amazed that Turkic languages, spoken as a native language by some 170 million people is not in your tree. The Kartvelian language family consists of four closely related languages: I think it’s a big mistake for you as an expert on the matter, not to include Turkic languages in your language tree as Turkic languages are part of the Uralic language family, very similar to Finnish and Hungarian. There are NO “slavic languages”, by the way. It is the westernmost of the Turkic languages spoken across Central Asia and is generally classified as a member of the South-West group, also known as the Oguz group.” The French language population is much bigger if you add Africa . They don’t understand that this is a tree that shows two (related) language families, not al the languages of the world. Clearly this map has no scientific bearence. Can you enlist the sino-tibetian languages? georgian language is missing from this tree! “Turkish belongs to the Altay branch of the Ural-Altaic linguistic family, same as Finnish and Hungarian. who existe before latin. We never spam. This tree metaphor to a delightfully lavish extreme, tracing, say, how Indo-European linguistic roots sprouted a variety of modern-day living languages including Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and, of course, our Language of the Future. We thank you! You didn’t notice Macdonian, because it is out of proportion with nearby Bulgarian and Albanian (Macedonian should be bigger, because Bulgarian speakers are 7 milion, Albanians speakers are 6 million, Macedonian speakers are 1.5 million, but on this picture Macedonian speakers are not 4 or 5 times, but 10 times less), I am sorry if mistaken but unfortunately I can not find Georgian Language in the tree branches.


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