el salvador civil war
[94], During the Central American Peace Accords in 1987, the FMLN demanded that all death squads be disbanded and the members be held accountable. President-elect Cristiani stated that when he took office on June 1, he will attempt to renew the dialogue with the FMLN. was elected president, and he was succeeded in 1967 by Colonel Fidel Sanchez wiped-out entire villages believed to be assisting the Those displaced by the "sweep" who were not killed outright fled the advance of the Salvadoran Army; hiding in caves and under trees to evade capture and probable summary execution. In his report, Judge Velasco writes: "The agencies in charge of making the information public have identified 3,000 other documents that remain secret and are not available; the reasoning given is that privacy is needed to protect sources and methods. Massacre) and left more than 30,000 people dead. government refused to attended peace talks organized by the FMLN. With common crime rising dramatically since the end of the war, over 500 PNC officers had been killed in the line of duty by late 1998. The government's leniency did little to alleviate political violence, however. The military's reaction in general to the junta's reformism was mixed. Soon after the failed coup attempt of 1972, kidnappings for ransom and hit-and-run attacks on government buildings and other targets became increasingly common in San Salvador. A small amount of military aid also was provided. Monterrosa's girlfriend let her co-worker know that something had gone wrong at El Mozote, though she did not go into detail. "The operation was a success," said the Salvadoran Defense Ministry communique. Of those who fled or were displaced, some 20,000 resided in makeshift refugee centers on the Honduran border in conditions of poverty, starvation and disease. OAS-IACHR, Annual Report, 1981–1982, pp. Phase II, expropriating holdings between 100 and 500 hectares, was decreed in March 1980, but implementation was postponed. as the war started. Although the US temporarily suspended funds after the On April 1, 1980, the Revolutionary Democratic Front (Frente Democratico Revolucionario--FDR) was established by the CRM, the umbrella group of the mass organizations. Nearly two weeks earlier, US Vice President Dan Quayle on a visit to San Salvador told army leaders that human rights abuses committed by the military had to stop. 115-116. Civil war Shortly after General Romero’s ouster, the country was plunged into a civil war that would last for the next 12 years. [78], In the preceding months, the Salvadoran military had used the Red Cross's humanitarian activities to locate and attack displaced people who gathered at clinics to receive medical assistance and food. In addition, the insurgents in the Civil War viewed their support of the insurrection as a demonstration of their opposition to the powerful elite's unfair treatment of peasant communities that they experienced on an everyday basis, so there was a class element associated with these insurgencies. Their terrorism comprised publishing future-victim death lists, delivering coffins to said future victims, and sending the target-person an invitation to his/her own funeral. [108] Between February and April, a total of 439 acts of sabotage were reported. ©Eli Reed, Jose Napoleon Duarte at a Christian Democratic Party press conference during the Salvadoran war (1982), In 1982, the FMLN began calling for a peace settlement that would establish a "government of broad participation." The strategy of the priests was largely peaceful protest. The Reagan administration initially appeared to stress the need to shore up El Salvador as a barrier against communist expansion in Central America. [89] By January 1985 Ochoa's forces had established 12 free-fire zones in Chalatenango in which any inhabitants unidentified by the army were deemed to be insurgents. The day after losing a court appeal in October 2009, the two generals were put into deportation proceedings by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), at the urging of U.S. The police confiscated the union's files and took videotape mugshots of each union member. In 2008 the Spanish Association for Human Rights and a California organization called the Center for Justice and Accountability jointly filed a lawsuit in Spain against former President Cristiani and former defense minister Larios in the matter of the 1989 slaying of several Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her daughter. While the military strategy of the left was proceeding along one path, some opposition parties and the mass organizations were following a similar and eventually convergent course. [24], Repression continued after the inauguration of President Romero, as the government implemented state-of-siege declarations, the suspension of civil liberties and systematic use of torture, death squads, forced disappearance and extrajudicial killing against the opposition. A conspiracy was hatched to oust El Salvador's His place was taken in a third junta by Duarte, who finally decided to take a direct role in the process that he had supported previously from behind the scenes. Insurgents were given a period of fifteen days to turn themselves over to the security forces in exchange for amnesty. These measures were implemented under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sigifredo Ochoa Perez, a former director of the Treasury Police and political ally of Major Roberto d'Aubuisson who had previously been exiled to the US Army War College for mutiny. More than 25 per cent of the populace was displaced as refugees before the U.N. peace treaty in 1992. In his weekly radio homilies, he related statistics on political assassination and excesses committed by the military. On the last day of the campaign, another UDN candidate was shot in her eye when Arena party gunmen opened fire on campaign activists putting up posters. The primary target was the civilian population – displacing or killing them in order to remove any possible base of support for the rebels. dissent, secretive death squads appeared, consisting of people with military But people knew that he had lost radio contact with his men and that it was unfortunate and something that later brought regrettable consequences. [117]. It brought Jose Avalos was the third civilian, replacing Andino, whose departure left the government without significant ties to the private sector. The FMLN had large numbers of effective combatants maintaining fixed positions, looking for the direct clash with the units of the army, with characteristics very similar to those of the infantry in a conventional war. During the height of the war, aid averaged "[104], By the late 1980s, 75% of the population lived in poverty. Farabundo Marti formed the Central American Socialist Party and led peasants Reflecting the intense renewed debate within the PDC over participation in the government, Dada resigned from the junta. Another decree officially disbanded Orden. Meanwhile, the mass organizations began a campaign of general strikes in an effort to pave the way for a full or partial leftist assumption of power, either through insurrection or through negotiations. [100] In addition, the CDHES stated that government paramilitary organizations illegally detained 1,916 persons and disappeared 250 during the same period. A coup on October 15, 1979, was followed by killings of anti-coup protesters by the government and of anti-disorder protesters by the guerrillas, and is widely seen as the start of civil war. felt paranoically that it was essential to protect America His efforts were wasted, though, as the balloting was manipulated even more flagrantly than that of 1972. A week later, two US congressmen blasted Reich's comments as inflammatory. 1999. Opposition politicians, members of church and grassroots organizations representing peasants, women and repatriated refugees suffered constant death threats, arrests, surveillance and break-ins all year. of El Salvador and then the war quoting many people and documents. On 28 February 1977, a crowd of political demonstrators gathered in downtown San Salvador to protest the electoral fraud. "[86], The November 1981 operation was commanded by Lt. Col. Sigifredo Ochoa, a former Treasury Police chief with a reputation for brutality. [1]:270, "The immediate goal of the Salvadoran army and security forces—and of the United States in 1980, was to prevent a takeover by the leftist-led guerrillas and their allied political organizations. The elections were held under military rule amidst high levels of repression and violence, however, and candidates to the left of Duarte's brand of Christian Democrats were excluded from participating. On a basic level, the final offensive demonstrated the limited extent of the guerrillas' support among the Salvadoran population. The National Union of Salvadoran Workers said: Those who bear sole responsibility for this crime are José Napoleón Duarte, the U.S. embassy ... and the high command of the armed forces. According to the United States Department of State, in the first quarter of 1988 the capital suffered 213 incidents of sabotage against its telecommunications and electrical systems, as well as 49 acts of economic sabotage and 138 strikes or demonstrations. It was not merely the general level of violence, however, but the specific murders of United States citizens that most affected dealings with El Salvador. [157] Death squad activities further escalated in 1990, despite a U.N. Agreement on Human Rights signed July 26 by the Cristiani government and the FMLN. "[citation needed]. Direct participation in the government by the Christian Democrats was by no means universally accepted among the party membership. Those who considered the possibility of a military victory by the Armed Forces (or government) forgot two important aspects: First, the struggle we waged was a struggle between Salvadorans and, therefore, it was not possible to fight against us and define winner or loser.


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