famous black widow murders
Mug Shots. Historians now largely consider her a scapegoat who was actually quite pleasant, especially compared to her kinfolk, Spanish nobles who emigrated to Italy in the 15th century and swiftly gained control of the Vatican. They then stashed his body in a hole they'd dug under the kitchen flagstones ahead of time and packed it with quicklime to speed up the body's decomposition. #129 of 130 Famous American Serial Killers#56 of 61 The Scariest Serial Killers In History#4 of 11 We Asked, You Answered: Which Serial Killer (Living Or Dead) Would You Want To Be Pen Pals With? Want more Rolling Stone? In fact, she enjoyed the money and the attention she received so much that she decided to kill off the rest of her family. It seems her father, mother-in-law, two husbands and a boyfriend also died similar deaths. It took the jury just four hours to find Gilligan guilty of murdering her husband, the murder of Franklin R. Andrews, although she was suspected of murdering up to 48 patients in the nursing home. Marie was tried three times over 10 years in French courts. Reviled through the ages as a Renaissance femme fatale who carried poison in her ring and used it to kill husbands and political rivals, Lucrezia Borgia's image has recently undergone a revision. One of those people was Charles Dickens, whose letter of disgust to the Times of London helped pave the way for the abolition of public executions in Britain. Two of O'Connor's colleagues came to their house asking about him, so they both had to flee London. Barfield was found guilty of poisoning to death her fiance, Stuart Taylor, in 1978. But this ruthless killer didn't just kill men. Blanche Moore currently sits on death row in North Carolina for using arsenic to murder her boyfriend, Raymond Reid in 1986. Leon's body tested positive for arsenic poisoning, and several other bodies associated with Marie were exhumed and also tested positive for arsenic. When it became clear that Frederick's inheritance was not forthcoming (he may have lied about that part), Marie hatched a plan with him to murder O'Connor and rob his house of everything they could find. Marie had two suitors - a young man close to her age named Frederick Manning and an older gentleman named Patrick O'Connor - who both proposed marriage. Marie became the inspiration for one of Dickens's characters, Hortense, the maid in his novel Bleak House. The name "Black Widow" seems to fit a large percentage of these women because, just like the deadly spider, many female killers strike out at those who love them. When he finally died, Marie became a suspect. Wherever Betty Neumar went, death seemed to follow, especially if you were one of her five husbands. Her second husband, Leon, confided to his mistress (both he and Marie had lovers on the side) that he was certain Marie was planning to kill him. The most ruthless or prolific female murderers become famous black widows, ladies assumed to have used their feminine nature in some way to lure their victims. Aileen Wuornos was the first woman to fit the FBI's official definition of a serial killer. Velma Barfield had a bad case of taking money from those around her and when she felt like she was close to being caught, she got rid of the problem by feeding her victims arsenic.


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