hands across america
The Los Angeles Times reported that there were huge gaps in the line in some of the dodgier sections of East LA, and volunteers’ efforts to recruit people from their front porches to join the chain didn’t generate any interest. There would be sing-alongs to "We Are the World" -- the supergroup ballad that came out a year earlier, raised $53 million, and served as inspiration for the project -- and "America the Beautiful." Just a week before the event President Ronald Reagan said, “I don't believe that there is anyone going hungry in America by reason of denial or lack of ability to feed them; it is by people not knowing where or how to get this help." The event had four celebrity co-chairmen: Bill Cosby, Kenny Rogers, Lily Tomlin, and Pete Rose. They have come to kill their above-ground twins, who feasted on warm food while they were forced to eat raw rabbit. Other celebrities came out in droves, too. They weren’t just big hand holding enthusiasts, though. In her final moments, the apparent villain's lips purse to whistle "Itsy Bitsy Spider" before her human reflection snaps her neck with the handcuffs she's been wearing since Red demanded she "tether herself" to her vacation home's coffee table. The promoters pointed out that the event helped raise the profile of the homeless in the public consciousness, which likely led to more volunteering and donations to related causes. Adelaide's husband Gabe (Winston Duke) buys an older fishing boat to impress Josh, who has a bigger, fancier tugboat. Little Amy still took her symbolic place as the first link in the chain where Hands began in New York’s Battery Park even though she and her family had moved into a Brooklyn apartment. That plan is already well underway when Adelaide kills Red. Spokesperson Ken Kragen addresses the crowd gathered on the southern tip of Manhattan. "They spent too much to raise too little and promoted a national extravaganza empty of content," Robert Hayes, founder of the National Coalition for the Homeless, told the Times. Even with this Hollywood glitz, the whole “across America” claim was a little dubious. When Red and Adelaide encountered one another as children in 1986, meeting in a boardwalk attraction full of funhouse mirrors, life changed for the tethered. Only about $15 million was ultimately delivered to charities through grants, far short of the $50 million it advertised. Robert Hayes of the National Coalition for the Homeless told the New York Times that the event’s organizers “spent too much to raise too little and promoted a national extravaganza empty of content.''. He decided to open his new film with the younger version of Lupita Nyong'o's character, Adelaide Wilson, as she watches that commercial. But there was always something disconcertingly optimistic about this show of solidarity, and the hypocrisies have only mounted as time has gone by. Hands Across America was also an extremely expensive stunt to mount, what with all the advertising and man power required to organize it. Jet reported that NBA greats Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Alex English joined with Olympic track star Edwin Moses to form a sports committee. They were also supposed to cough up a donation of at least $10 apiece to join the chain. In Us, the grown-up Adelaide and her family are pursued by a doppelgänger named Red (also played by Nyong'o) and her familiar-looking family. At least it left a really odd blip on our cultural memory. That January, Hands made its first big splash when it ran an ad featuring its theme song during Super Bowl XX. But the endeavor, as well-intentioned as it might have been, was plagued by issues almost from the outset.


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