horse footing
Premier Equestrian offers four base construction techniques, depending on your needs and budget. You can focus on where the footing is getting pulled from and pull it the opposite way. Private – Longevity – Natural Fibers vs. There's much to see here. A machine developed by Mick Peterson, MS, PhD, executive director of the Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory and professor of biosystems and agricultural engineering at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, on the other hand, drops weight into surfaces to mimic the loads and speed of a moving horse. In discussing inappropriate friction, Clayton used dressage horses as an example in explaining how it can affect performance. As the word implies, friction determines the amount of resistance when the hoof is sliding over the surface. Footing also influences how well the horse performs. Passionate about horses and science from the time she was riding her first Shetland Pony in Texas, Christa Lesté-Lasserre writes about scientific research that contributes to a better understanding of all equids. He trains his horses on all four, as well as on trails. Stance Phase “So in addition to keeping their minds fresh, alternating the workplace makes horses stronger and improves the health of their ligaments and feet.”. You want 80-90% of the material to be sand for your footing. The rule of thumb for fiber is the same for rubber: use about a pound per square foot. While some cutters opted to ride, another group of us simply loaded up and headed home. Care must be taken to keep the track moist as the impact absorption is developed from the wood when it is damp. While there are many variables for footing, there are some basic constants if you are building or renovating an arena. Subscribe now and get an immediate download of the issue, New Microarray Test Scans for 400 Equine Asthma Allergens, Breathing Easy: Managing Horses With Asthma, CANTER Michigan Off-Track Thoroughbreds Available for Adoption. The footing is the final construction step, and will provide your equine athletes with proper traction and impact absorption as they exerciser in the machine. Synthetic Fibers – Disposal – Replenishment. The purpose of the footing is to provide the appropriate impact absorption and support as a horse works around the track. While horses at Remington Park had fewer leg injuries than runners on conventional surfaces, Equitrack eventually was removed and replaced with a conventional surface. (A problem she faced at this writing involved the type of footing to be selected at the state-of-the art equestrian center being constructed at Michigan State University.). MasterSurfaces has arena footings to fit every need for your horse! The reining horse needs a surface that allows it to perform its signature sliding stop, yet is firm enough that it can demonstrate its other moves — figure-eights and spins. Fibresand is another material used with success on a couple of raceracks in England and was the footing for the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 35                     0.0197, 0.420 mm             No. 120                  0.0049. The larger particle sizes are unstable loose surface and tend to be too deep and to roll. For starters, specify sand that meets ASTM C-33. "Either too much or too little friction reduces your horse’s confidence in the surface and causes him to step shorter and adopt a shuffling gait, losing impulsion altogether. They’re going to offer the most resistance to movement between the particles, prevent rolling but will have enough “give” for a cushioning effect. Riders should be aware of fatigue factors, says Clayton, such as raised heartrate, labored breathing, profuse sweating, and a detioration of performance. Waxed arena footings are a higher upfront cost, but substantially increased longevity, lower maintenance costs, and increased health benefits and safety factor for horse and rider. Choosing the wrong sand for riding arenas can create problems and be very expensive over time. Quartz/Silica sand is more durable and the preferred choice over Mica or Feldspar type sands. There is a great variety of surface materials available today, ranging from ordinary sand to such exotic components as coconut fibers and shredded athletic shoes and car tires. In the hind limb, flexion and extension of the stifle, hock, and fetlock joints are coupled through the action of the reciprocal apparatus, which consists of strong, thick tendinous bands on the front and back of the limb. The smaller the sieve number, the larger the particles and the larger the sieve number the smaller the particles.


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