how to prepare eggshells for garden
Hi Gabrielle! Before you add eggshells to your compost pile or worm bin, pulverize the dried shells to ensure that your finished compost is smooth and dirt like, uncluttered by large pieces of shell. And in case you’re wondering, repurposing this type of food waste isn’t just a DIY amendment utilized by home gardeners. Yikes! I wanted to take this opportunity to show off these gorgeous duck eggs that I got from my friend Teresa over at The Sheltered Valley – Home for wayward animals. Next, with a nail or awl, make a hole in the bottom for drainage. And keep in mind that repeated repotting is not recommended for most transplants, as this can cause undue stress and damage their roots. Did I mention she has donkeys? Don’t bother trying to crush them while you’re storing them in this way – it will be much easier to crush them once they are dry. Unsubscribe at any time. In addition to discussing the best way to add them to your compost, I’m also going to cover other ways of using them as a soil amendment, and whether or not they work as a pest deterrent. Lots and lots of them, all still very recognizable. Gardenista’s members-only directory of landscape architects and garden designers. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that sh*t. Keeping the shells as whole as possible. All Rights Reserved. Next, we watched to see if the sharp shards would keep the slugs in the center of the plate – or if the slugs would venture across anyway. These shards slowed the slugs down a bit, but the barrier was not enough of a deterrent to make the slugs turn back or to prevent them from crossing it. How can you possibly use eggshells in your garden without subjecting yourself and your family to the risk of salmonella infection? And by the way, I’ve been handling my eggshells like this for several years now, and in several different climates, ranging from the temperate Southern Piedmont, to the arid Intermountain West, to the damp Pacific Northwest. You can learn more about repelling slugs in our article. When all of the shells are finely ground, transfer them to a mason jar for storage. Working in small batches, place dried shells in the blender, and grind to a powdery consistency. According to Paula Felps at Earth911, the US alone sends 150,000 tons of eggshells to landfills every year. If your soil is acidic, amending with a source of calcium may be helpful, depending on what you want to grow. Product photo via Timber Press. We won't send you spam. Grinding them before adding them to your compost or worm bins will also make it easier for the earthworms to use the material as grit. In this case, anaerobic decomposition is stinky and inefficient compared to aerobic decomposition, the type that takes place in a well-maintained compost pile – where aerobic microbes thrive because of the presence of oxygen. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I packed mine so tight in the mason jar that it was damn near impossible to get them out. Kristina Hicks-Hamblin lives on a dryland permaculture homestead in the high desert of Utah. At this point, you need to crush them as much as possible. The amount of time it will take to fill the baking dish depends on how often you eat eggs, and how many egg-eaters are in your household. Here’s what the average eggshell is comprised of: It seems like such a shame to just throw all those nutrients away, doesn’t it? First, collect your shells and rinse them under a tap to remove any raw egg to avoid attracting flies, or unpleasant smells. Many gardeners also tout the use of crushed eggshells as a snail and slug repellent. SOURCEBOOK FOR THE CONSIDERED HOME HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Plus we had severe water restrictions. When my containers are full, I set the kids to pulverizing them into little bits with wooden spoons, thus compacting the shells so that I can collect more.


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