indonesia won two medals at the 2012 olympics in which event
Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Medals in this event are not redistributed yet. Gymnastics has traditionally had a strong association with Romania and, up until the 2008 Beijing Games, that remained the case: Romania topped the medal table for gymnastics at Athens 2004 and had been prominent at most Games since the 1980s, off the back of Nadia Comaneci's famous successes in Montreal and Moscow. Sprint canoeing is largely the domain of Germany and Hungary, who each picked up six gold medals at the sport's 2011 World Championships, though Poland may be one to watch at London 2012 despite indifferent showings in Athens and Beijing. | 6 Learn about Nicola Adams of Great Britain, who won the first Olympic gold medal in women's boxing in the 51-kg (112-pound) class, at the 2012 Games in London. | 24 Britannia currently rules the waves, Great Britain having finished first among sailing nations at each of the last three Olympic Games. Pentathlons staged in Hungary draw huge crowds, local pentathletes gain celebrity status, and Beijing 2008 marked the first Olympics since Los Angeles 1984 - boycotted by Hungary, among others - in which no Hungarians won a pentathlon medal. VOLLEYBALL - Nation to beat: United States. ! | 7 || 16 || 12 || 35, |- With a population of 2.06 million people, that works out to one medal per 514,385 residents, the best per-capita medal rate among the 59 countries that have won at least one medal … scope="row" style="text-align:left"|  Cuba (CUB) Durant has won two Olympic (2012, 2016) gold medals, one World Cup and two NBA championships (2016, 2017) with Golden State. Gagan Narang was into his 3rd Olympics when he first won a medal.. compatriot Abhinav Bindra who had won Gold in the same event at Beijing in 2008 just missed to qualify for the finals.. Australians have won 56 gold medals in the pool - athletics, far behind with 19, is the nation's second-strongest sport. | 22 scope="row" style="text-align:left"|  New Zealand (NZL) Organizers said the race will be put off "at least until the fall of 2021.". They have conducted a strong four-year campaign and have rarely missed qualifying in the top 10 for the medal race at a major regatta. London 2012 Olympic Games, athletic festival that took place July 27–August 12, 2012. ! This included 4 medal winners including, For reallocation of medals see 21 November 2016, For reallocation of medals see 5 April 2017, On 21 November 2016 the IOC disqualified a further 12 athletes for failing doping tests at the games. scope="row" style="text-align:left"|  North Korea (PRK) It's not all about Jamaica - athletics forms such a broad church that medal micro-climates exist within its various disciplines. The XXX Olympic Games. is the undisputed equestrian powerhouse of the Games, producing 37 gold medallists in its various guises over the course of Olympic history. ! In amateur boxing, women follow the rules of men’s boxing with a few exceptions—the rounds are shorter, and women wear breast protectors, with groin protection being optional.…. Is it worth any nation other than China entering the Olympic table tennis tournament? in the trampoline events. It is feasible, though by no means certain, that Team GB could win both Olympic titles this summer and consequently leap to the top of the overall triathlon medal table. Compared to some sports, weightlifting offers an impressive array of medals - 15 golds are available, eight of which were won by China at Beijing 2008. Weightlifting was the domain of the Soviet Union before its demise. Phelps won a historic amount of eight gold medals in Beijing to become the most-decorated Olympic athlete at a single event and the first person to win a total of fourteen Olympic gold medals. Women's hockey is hugely popular in Argentina and the World Cup winners, who beat Britain to the Champions Trophy title in January, are favourites to win gold this summer. scope="row" style="text-align:left"|  Germany (GER) TRIATHLON - Nation to beat: Great Britain? At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Laurie Hernandez won gold and silver medals before stepping away from gymnastics for two years. Azerbaijan. |- The Slovenes have won four medals: gold in judo, silver in track and field and bronze in rowing and shooting. | 4 || 0 || 2 || 6 scope="row" style="text-align:left"|  Ukraine (UKR) An official poster from the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London. Every hockey gold medal has gone to one of those three nations since Barcelona 1992, when hosts Spain dislodged the Germans after extra time in the women's final. BASKETBALL - Nation to beat: United States. | 11 || 19 || 14 || 44


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