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According to Fraunhofer FKIE, a German research institute that maintains a database of known hacker teams, MuddyWater (aka Static Kitten) has been known to focus almost exclusively on espionage and state-level attacks., the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East, © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Get email notification for articles from Omer Benjakob. Erweiterte Suche: Datum / Quellen. Ambassador Warns Trump Might Ditch NATO, 'Turning America's Back' on Israel, Black Cube CEO Suspected of Running Crime Organization. The claims were made in a report by cyberfirms Profero and ClearSky. Mittwoch 21.10.2020 10:45 - Let the Muslim nations battle it out and let’s just be happy that they’re not messing with us. Some, however, have found backpacking possibilities in their own backyard. An array of bots and trolls are attempting to sway the U.S. election. As a result, access to the internet in Iran was partially cut off. No additional details are known. The alleged attack would seem to indicate a “new phase” in Iranian attacks against Israel, the firms said, adding that the tools used have previously been reserved for criminal operations – as opposed to destructive offensive cyberattacks by state actors like Iran. All the latest news about Iran from the BBC ... Gulf states see opportunities for trade while Israel lessens its isolation, writes Jeremy Bowen. But how does it work? Iran Israel | News Reader Aktuelle Nachrichten im Ticker – 22. In ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem, Yom Kippur Was Stronger Than the Virus, He Spent Years Forging Ties With the Amazon's Most Isolated Tribes. How an Adelson Newspaper's Tweet Almost Made World Markets Crash, Exclusive: Intricate Hack Against Israeli Crypto Leaders; 'Mossad Investigating', AI Is the Next National Security Frontier, but Israel May Be Losing Its Edge, not “necessarily” behind every mysterious incident. Now She's Planning Her Own Funeral, Intel Bonanza: The Other Egyptian Spy That Saved Israel From Destruction, Jews Looted Arab Property en Masse. But We All Experience It, Are These Nails From Jesus’ Crucifixion? The Israel National Cyber Directorate refused to address the attackers’ identity, but told Haaretz that the information revealed in the report “is known to us, and we’ve published a number of warnings about them in September.”. Will the Abraham Accords end the option of sovereignty. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Greece to shut most bars, restaurants in country for month from Tuesday (Reuters), Gas pipeline blast in southern Iraq kills 2, injures 51, police say (Reuters), Saudi man detained after car crashes into Mecca's Grand Mosque (AP), Druze sheikh laid to rest after followers snatch his body from COVID hospital (Haaretz), Shutdown in Kashmir protests India's new land laws (AP), This article contains a slideshow gallery, Putin's Dark U.S. Election Plot Is More Deceptive Than You Thought, Deepfake videos are becoming a major threat to democracy, Former leader had failed at basic decency, Trump win: Israelis have been there with Netanyahu, Trump might ditch NATO, former ambassador warns, Gantz Decided to Present Netanyahu With Ultimatum, but Only Has One Card Left to Play, At the Foothills of an Israeli Settlement, Palestinians Are Used to Weekends of Terror, The Case for Nationalism, by the Israeli Credited With Shaping Trump's Foreign Policy, How to Talk of Hope When Reality Brings So Much Despair, Druze Sheikh Laid to Rest After Followers Snatch His Body From Hospital, Sudan Says Reached Deal With U.S. on Settling Cases Brought Before American Courts, At Least 27 Dead After Strong Earthquake Topples Buildings in Western Turkey, Trump Might Ditch NATO, 'Turning America's Back' on Israel, Ex-ambassador Warns, Israeli Archaeologists Are Uncovering the Lost Legacy of a Cursed Biblical King, Trump Has Split the Jewish People, Perhaps Forever, The Lost Legacy of a Cursed Biblical King, Inside Putin's Plot to Subvert U.S. Election, This Israeli Is the Rising Intellectual of the World’s Right, Why We Shouldn't Freak Out About Long COVID, Rabin’s Legacy Lives on Through Netanyahu, How the Soviets Recruited Nazis to Spy on the West, Body Count Rises in Turkey and Pakistan's Hypocritical War, Corbyn Failed the Litmus Test for Basic Decency, Israeli Business Has Gotten a Bad Case of Dubai Fever, Israel’s ‘Ghost Unit’ for the Next War With Hezbollah, And You Thought There’s No Autumn in Israel, Donald Trump Has Split the Jewish People, Perhaps Forever, Extreme Heat Dashes Palestinian Olive Farmers’ Hopes for a Good Year, Disunited by Genocide: How Armenia’s Relations With Israel Have Come to a Dead End, 'I Rarely Leave Israel.


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