john mcloughlin 9/11 2018
On the last night of the hunt, I missed a nice buck, a big 8 pointer. and William Jimeno, 33. We’re proud that the movie about our tragedy is hopefully still helping people. Then everything seemed to stop. As I looked back at 2 WTC, I could see large groups of people being herded out like cattle, thousands and thousands of people.

We had stopped close to an elevator, and I heard Sgt. Then-Sergeant McLoughlin had been with the Port Authority 24 years, In 2003, Mossy Oak invited me to come to the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show and bring my wife. In the midst of the evil that had happened, I saw a lot of love. Finally Sgt.

As all of the police return to the station, they see on TV that the North Tower of the World Trade Center has been hit by the plane. McLoughlin, Jimeno, and Pezzulo manage to escape the huge amounts of dust and rubble flying down from the South Tower. How do you do this to his family? McLoughlin and I were became dark as night fell over what had been the Twin Towers of the WTC. A 3-disc deluxe edition was produced exclusively for Target stores. Sgt. The 9-11 Research companion to the film World Trade Center by Jim Hoffman: John McLoughlin in 60 Minutes interview The rescue and lives of John McLoughlin and William Jimeno is the subject of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. The film was met with generally positive reviews from critics and grossed $163 million worldwide. Dominick pulled out his service revolver and shot up through the hole to hopefully let someone know we were alive and in the hole. When the ambulance pulled up to the hospital, I began crying again. I turned around and looked into the lobby of 2 WTC where I saw glass breaking and a huge fireball, about the size of my house envelop the lobby of that tower.
I became a cop to serve and protect the people, and at that point I felt more helpless than I’d ever felt in my life. American Airlines Flight 11 attendants Betty Ong and Madeline Amy Sweeney helped identify the hijackers We’re going downstairs and talk to Officer Jimmy Lynch.” Lynch was in charge of the station at Tower Two. It will be held rain or shine. In addition, the firemen in the film were played by real FDNY members who served on 9/11. McLoughlin said, “If you leave, you’ll never find us again!” Sgt. We wanted to do the right thing and I think the filmmakers wanted to do the right thing too. I became very depressed about my progress early in rehab.

Although Jimeno and McLoughlin are not further harmed, Pezzulo is fatally injured when a concrete slab falls into the hole, crushing his torso. Following the attacks, Thomas and his wife had moved their four children from New York to Columbus, Ohio. Ross, who had been outside with us, announce, “That’s a terrorist attack.”. McLoughlin and I were trapped under concrete in the WTC, I heard someone near the hole screaming, “U.S. I still have numerous scars and a hole in my leg, resembling a shark bite. She felt the building shake and witnessed the explosion when hijacked Flight 11 was flown into the North Tower. The film was shot between October 2005 and February 2006, and theatrically released in the United States on August 9, 2006. His recovery has included arduous physical therapy.


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