kengir uprising
After the camp was closed, a large automotive depot was placed there. 26 июня 1954 г.,,,,, Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society, Kuznetsov and his administration were originally delegated to conduct negotiations with the camp authorities on behalf of the prisoners, but as the prisoners' control of the camp lasted beyond expectation and as demand for law, order, and efficiency increased, the jurisdiction of this government increased in turn. The tact, cohesion, and ingenuity displayed in the uprising was a troubling sign to the authorities of what was perhaps to come. Yertsevo is a rural locality in Konoshsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, located west of Lake Vozhe. Writing about the strikes which were occurring at the time, Solzhenitsyn described this issue: They had no idea what was required of them and mistakes could be dangerous! Its duration and intensity distinguished it from other Gulag uprisings in the same period. We are not afraid of you, and we ask you not to come into our zone. The generals, now with Sergei Yegorov, deputy chief of the MVD, and Ivan Dolgikh, division commander of Gulag, among them, once again agreed to the prisoners demands as whole, but, still failing to match a written contract to their words, they were once again rejected by the prisoners. Their epaulets flashing, the bosses took their seats in the presidium as of old, as though nothing were amiss. If they showed excessive zeal and shot down a crowd they might end up as henchmen of Beria. Because of this, a massive chilling effect was created among prisoners, who feared opening up to or trusting each other. [18] One of the guard's stenographers recorded some of the broadcasts, and these records made their way into the Soviet archives. In addition, Solzhenitsyn recalls that the prisoners heard for days before the raid what they thought were the sounds of tractors running on the distance, out of sight. Beria's newly besmirched name became a liability to others in both the upper and lower echelons of the Soviet hierarchy, and anybody who was associated with or spoke too much in favour of Beria was similarly at risk of being denounced as a traitor and persecuted. The thieves contrived to break into the service yard, where the food was stored, and from there break into the women's camp, which was easier to do from that location. [13]. The uprising's roots can be traced back to a large in-shipment of "thieves" — the accepted slang term for the habitual criminals who were also imprisoned in Gulag along with the political prisoners. While these efforts largely failed, another objective of the authorities — to draw out orthodox Communists and Soviet loyalists — was successful and a number of them fled the camp in the days before the raid,[29] including a high-ranking member of the prisoner's government who would later reappear as a voice urging surrender on the guards' propaganda loudspeakers.


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