top 10 popular womens in the world

Athletics: Athletics is one sport that enjoys very high levels of viewership during the Olympics. The number of Amateur Players in The World: When it comes to amateur players, Basketball enjoys a good number of amateur players around the world. Less well known: her brief spy career. Number of Countries in Which the Sport is Popular: This is one area where American Football does not do well.

However, access to table tennis is mostly limited to urban centers all over the world. The teams and athletes of American Football are often among the top trends in social media. Blackwell was also a pioneer in the education of women in medicine.

Football is surely the most played and most popular sport in the world, without any doubt.

Boxing: Boxing was once among the top 5 most popular sports in the world, but its popularity has decreased over the years. With approximately 2-3 billion fans in the US, Canada, China, and the Philippines, Basketball is the 3rd most popular sport in the world. A newer sport only around since it’s invention in 1965 is named Pickleball. I completely agree with you.

Access to the General Public: When it comes to access to the general public, cricket is definitely among the top sports.

Tiffany Intense is a clean perfume that has a super unique fragrance DNA that is mass appealing.

Retired American soccer player Kristine Marie Lilly Heavey last played professionally for the Boston Breakers in Women's Professional Soccer besides her international spell with the United States women’s national football team.

Her experiences and writings provide insight into the experience of the early Puritans in New England. No, F1 can't replace any of these 10 sports from this list.

Professionally, it is more popular in developed countries. The sport has a limited viewership on TV. Gender Equality: On the gender equality scale, tennis ranks the highest among all sports.

10. This is the second time in a week that the teen heartthrob and perpetual trending topic on Twitter has sent the Internet into a tizzy. Ayn Rand, mother of objectivism, was, in the words of Scott McLemee, "the single most important novelist and philosopher of the 20th century. She was considered an icon and epitomized a certain image for women in the 1940s and 1950s.

They have taken the help of nothing but their talent and perseverance, and turned it all into historic moments in the sport, making themselves popular and memorable athletes. But the freestyle variation of the sport which can be played anywhere is very popular among teenagers. Golda Meir, a labor activist, Zionist, and politician, was the fourth prime minister of the state of Israel and second woman prime minister in the world.

She currently holds the U.S. record for most career shutouts.

This is not a massive projection head turning fragrance and is very easy to wear all year round for any situation. Some of these stories may be based on events that happened to a Mary Hays McCauley, who is most commonly associated with the name "Molly Pitcher," and some may be about a Margaret Corbin.

She applied learning methods she developed for mentally disabled children to children with intelligence in the normal range. An amazing blend of fruity notes, sweet notes and floral notes with added vanilla. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Hypatia is known as the ancient world's most famous woman mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer.

Her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, and two of her sons were also Indian prime ministers. 2.5 billion no proof or evidence. And, Soccer is by far the most popular sports in the world, indeed. Lucille Ball is best known for her television shows, but she also appeared in dozens of films, was a Ziegfeld Girl, and was a successful businesswoman—the first woman to own a film studio. It is mostly known as a sport for the rich.

TV Rights Deals: Hockey leagues around the world, including field hockey leagues and ice hockey leagues, get fairly decent TV rights deals. 32. Already about 5+ million people are seriously engaging in it on a virtual daily basis.

Global Fan Base and Audience: Golf is one sport that is more popular in the elderly as compared to young people. Tiger Woods the most famous golf player of all time was the highest-paid athlete among all sports for a number of years. Popularity on the Internet: The sport has a moderate level of popularity on the internet.


By Sourav. Popularity on the Internet: The internet popularity of Table Tennis is quite mild.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics is mostly moderately popular in developed countries like the US, Germany, the UK, Australia, Japan, China, and Korea. Using internet searches as a parameter, we've created a compilation of the 100 most popular women in history, listed here in ascending order of popularity (that is, No. Her "Uncle Tom's Cabin" certainly stirred up a lot of anti-enslavement sentiment, but she wrote on more subjects than abolitionism. Diptyque – Do Son

The women’s one actually smells better and some guys actually rock it .

The major tours include PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, and PGA Tour Champions.

A French novelist of the 20th century, Colette was noted for her unconventional and risqué themes and lifestyle.

She has scored 15 goals in 24 games from 1985 to 1990 for the U.S. team and scored a record 39 goals in 26 games in the 1991 season alone. May 6, 2010 — -- Which women are searched most often on Google? There may be some unexpected names, and if a favorite doesn't appear in this list, it's likely that she was indeed researched, since more than 300 women were included. Rosa Parks is best known for her refusal to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and her subsequent arrest, which kicked off a bus boycott and accelerated the civil rights movement.

Gender Equality: Baseball is one of the most male-dominated sports out there. TV Rights Deals: The TV rights deals for Rugby tournaments are not as big as Football, Cricket, or Tennis, but they are still quite costly.

It can be played anywhere as all it requires is a ball and a basket.

Even if Betsy Ross didn't make the first American flag (she may not have, despite the legend), her life and work shed light on the experience of women in colonial and revolutionary America.


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