marshall 2555x
He firmly stands for open sourcing everything that makes our lives better. The no-frills front panel consists of knobs for presence, bass, middle, treble, output master, lead master, and input gain. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. These tubes will instantly take you back to those good old 80s. While the 2555X circuitry was taken from original 2555 diagrams and has sonically been checked against the 2555 head in the Marshall museum, modern production techniques have made it possible to make several improvements to the electronics. We've played them all, from vintage JTM45s and the ultra-cool Plexi reissue to modern handmade masterpieces such as the JVM410. Para celebrarlo, se lanzó la serie Silver Jubilee disponible sólo en aquel año. This item requires extra delivery time from Marshall. It is the head in which Marshall has got 100% right, but it does not come cheap. The tonal flexibility, the power and the silver colour for which this amp was so popular are staying. From beginners to rock stars, millions of music makers rely on our Sales Engineers' expertise to help achieve their musical goals. Whether you've been chasing down a Silver Jubilee amp for years or you just want to satisfy your craving for genuine Marshall tone at its best, you'll love this 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue head. With a classic 80’s tone this amp will take you to another era. Of course, if you're a purist, then you'll want to grab a matching cab or two to go with your 2555X. Unlike most other amps, the Marshall 2555X feels a lot quieter even in the Lead channel. Thanks to our tight relationship with Marshall, Sweetwater's always on the cutting edge of their latest designs, custom models, and limited-edition gems. 1987 was a year of celebration. Presionando el botón "pull rhythm" tendrás un extra de pegada. Marshall cumplía 25 años y Jim Marshall llevaba 50 años metido de lleno en la industria musical. Phone Hours | Un amplificador ideal para regresar a la era del Rock. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! This 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue brings back Marshall's highly-coveted 2-channel, 100-watt head with all the vibe and look of the original plus a smattering of cool improvements. We've played them all, from vintage JTM45s and the ultra-cool Plexi reissue to modern handmade masterpieces such as the JVM410. 2555X Silver Jubilee 100-watt Reissue Tube Head. This edition also gives you even lower noise performance and improved reliability. It is the head in which Marshall has got 100% right, but it does not come cheap. Charlie Davis. Built to bring the guitarist to the front of the stage, this amp will make sure you’re heard. Yes. It is something every guitarist desires to have. Required fields are marked *, Is this a review? Marshall 2555X is an amp that will stay with you for ages to come. Music background: Working musician with over 30 years experience. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. To celebrate with you, we released the Silver Jubilee available for that year only. If you want iconic tone from across the pond, you want Marshall, and your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will help you find the perfect one. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. In 1987, Marshall celebrated 25 years of amp building with their original Silver Jubilee Series, catching the attention of guitarists such as the up-and-coming Slash, and then disappearing just a year later. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Whether using the amp in half power mode or full power mode, there is no difference in the frequency response. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. At lower volumes you can hear the higher dirty gains. Multiple speaker jacks let you easily match this head up with your favorite cabinet, and it plays well with a wide range of cabinets. Reserve yours now, risk-free, or contact us for more information. Everything from early JTM45 cleans and light breakup, to JCM800 metal and high gain tones. It also comes with an all black solder mask with white silk screen. The original 2555 was indeed a great amp but the 2555X comes with several hardware improvements while maintaining all those classic features which made it famous among guitarists. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Or call us at (800) 222-4700. Check your inbox now to confirm your subscription. Puedes escoger entre dos canales.Además, en el canal saturado, podrás disponer de un extra de ganancia para tener aún más distorsión. -The introduction of external bias points o…. Thus, the sound characteristics remain unchanged as well, if not, improved because of the modern components. Lucky for you, Sweetwater also carries the slanted 2551AV and the straight 2551BV extension cabinets, which come decked out in matching silver vinyl. The carry handle end brackets are now made from chrome. Also, this time, the amp will not be limited in supply and is here to stay forever! Buying music gear can be complicated, but your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is here to help. The hissing sound is at a much lower level indicating usage of good quality components inside the head. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. For something lighter weight, we also have the Orange Tiny Terror review. x 12.3 in. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: The original 2555 had a dial knob to select the speaker impedance setting. You will find the tones to be slightly warmer which is of course a good thing. En el 2015por petición popular, volvimos a estos diseños. Questions about the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee 100-watt Reissue Tube Head? With the Christmas on the horizon the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee amp is going at discounted rates on many online stores.


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