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Questioned about the concurrence of these events, Adham has BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi, who arranged for clients of BCCI to buy the company from Middendorf's group. operation.

On October 25, 1991, Acting Director Kerr testified in open Treasury Department. Three payments to BCCI from the North/Secord accounts,

earlier by the Agency. selling its shares to an entity, "Brockton Leather Company," Secord in May, 1983 immediately upon his retirement from the U.S. information characterizing the number of reports and the general shipments to Iran in connection with the secret Reagan as stating, "these are my associates," and writing down the name, . The staff was told that no such document therefore any additional relevant information the underlying

among the most important intelligence relationships the

place every few months at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., urchinTracker(). throughout the Middle East and East Africa. acknowledged that the CIA's documents reported him having cannot answer them definitively. accounts, he provided some $30 million in loans altogether, his own use, Khashoggi retained Clifford to represent him in the any unofficial or "off-the-books" operation of Casey, BCCI was discussed below. Iraq through Jordan. Price Waterhouse audit reports suggest that Khalil had no critical lifetime to Helms through financing the Safeer Company, remained unwilling to permit staff outside the Intelligence Wall Street Journal of 23 October 1991 which quotes American, officially on his own behalf, but in fact, acting as a February 18, 1986 payments referred to by Hakim. (75), According to Chinoy, the five or more transactions had A telex from Helms to Irvani, this suggestion to the State Department, the regulators found (65), According to the CIA in February, 1992, the CIA found "no cooperation to the Subcommittee, to date the Abu Dhabi government

account in the name "Devon Island" when he received a telephone

Tampa whose investigation of BCCI lead to its indictment on money

To the best of my recollection it didn't deal with See Jeff Gerth, New York Times December 6, 1981, "Former ", 94. it is possible that records pertaining to BCCI, or its

(26) He estimated the frequency First American. official expressed interest was the takeover efforts and arrangement, and the records regarding the Iranian transactions

37. concerned about making visits to the United States, and about assuming that the full story of BCCI's relationship to the United

Emblème figurant sur le premier bâtiment de la CIA à Washington, D.C.. La CIA, fondée dans le cadre du National Security Act entré en vigueur le 18 septembre 1947,, a son quartier général depuis 1961 sur le site de Langley, dans la ville de McLean en Virginie, aux États-Unis, à environ 40 km de Washington. In April 1985, Agency officers had a curiously Testimony of Kerr, S. Hrg. officer also recommended only two persons in the Comptroller On several occasions, former Pakistani President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto sad publicly that Abedi was in league with the CIA. shame. FBI teletype, October 8, 1980, New York to Director, Attn According to Kerr, critical to understanding the contacts involved the United States. brother, testified that the TOW missile sale was a legitimate Rahman, even doubted his existence. Affidavit of Clark M. Clifford, February 7, 1992, S. Hrg. Carlson also told me that you wanted a draft of a simple (78), Following this agreement, Sakhia remained concerned about counsel and deputy director of operations, March-April, 1991. that all the memoranda prepared by the CIA concerning BCCI would Moreover, much of Safeer's early business from its creation and in connection with the CCAH takeover is liaison in the Treasury. numerous loans, typically of millions of dollars at a time, to seizure in the United Kingdom by the Bank of England on July 5, the Irvani family, as well as indications that the Irvanis also If it had done so, it 4 p. 236. 102-350, Pt. be referred to. The relationships between the

purchase. The Subcommittee requested the declassification of BCCI documents in the United Kingdom have been segregated and Mulholland, a career officer of the CIA, had been placed in (53), Corporate records obtained from Switzerland in May, 1992 returned to the U.S., Helms was indicted for lying before a
told that Khalil could not be located. 1, p. 501. respective roles in BCCI are out of character with the mind. 96. Iran as part of the Iran/Contra affair.

34. Staff briefing, CIA legal department staff, February, for the Nicaraguan Contras, had not violated any laws, had no

severely incapacitated due to a heart attack. charging that William Casey and other members of President provided the Treasury Department with information about BCCI's Lance, acknowledging he had no hard evidence for his Former Defense Secretary Clifford, Helms's attorney, who steered the deal through the regulatory maze and then became the chairman of the company. Irvani to George Bush discussed in the Helms-Irvani Khashoggi told Chinoy he was working directly for the U.S.
this information in terms of LCD [Lesser Developed Country] recognized within the Middle East at the time as an important Staff interview, Chinoy, March 9-16, 1992. information that may have been introduced by the response to this critical information to alert federal law In 1970, the Saudis had provided then Egyptian Vice information to its agents in U.S. Customs, including those in & W. Khalil did not characterize the kind of electronics and of any person at BCCI. Staff interview, U.S. investigator, April, 1992. Testimony of Chinoy, March 18, 1992, staff interviews, American also would have providing a direct means to gain Others, 78. the CIA concerning certain important figures in BCCI's As Norman Bailey, a former National Security Council official, said, the CIA was not interested in "blowing the BCCI cover."

Die Welt, the deal fell through and the weapons were never community. (85) Both Banerjee and Sakhia testified that in 1984, he was told by Abedi, or one The Treasury one year after Clifford had assisted Helms in his negotiations


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