raymond floyd golf courses

I might even have won a few bets. It didn't favor short hitters or long ones, high-ball hitters or low, draw-type players or faders. You can make a lot more money in the games I'll set up than you'll ever make in those tournaments."

Many people not only lost what they had invested but had to provide restitution for what they'd made in the past. My favorite happened that year during the first round, when I shot 63. He had backers and would get a percentage if he won. After I picked my ball out of the hole, I spoke Spanish for the first time. Our horse won by eight lengths. One thing I didn't mind was pro-ams. Every year it was something, the USGA taking these magnificent courses and turning them into horrible versions of what they were meant to be. Each golf hole was carefully crafted to blend with the environment, leaving a beautiful course with natural surroundings. "Adios," I said. The ball in the rough had his unique markings, but I wasn't buying it. It was brutally difficult—the fairways narrow and the rough tall. I looked and told him I didn't see a horse by that name. And most of all, how to enjoy life. I couldn't hold the greens with my 3-wood or 1-iron when I went for them in two.

I said, "No, I've never been there before. And I was playing well. The ball would hit the green, take a huge bounce and go into the pond at 16. We're tied coming to 18. Two of them broke when I hit them. But one-on-one, they were smart, decent, well-mannered and fun to be with.

It was a 2½-hour drive out to the end of Long Island, and it started out quiet. Everything was vivid. Titanic and the guy who drove me out there put up $1,000 apiece, so all together there's $3,000 at stake. My dad had pitched some, and he brought me along. The problem was the par 5s.

On Saturday, as Gary and Jack Nicklaus were preparing to putt on the 10th green, a guy burst from behind the ropes and charged across the green. In Las Vegas, I had great relationships with Moe Dalitz, Lou Rosanova, Ash Resnick and men like them. It hadn't hosted a U.S. Open in 90 years. Attended men's and women's locker rooms offer golfers the highest level of service in the area. As cars screamed past, Maria and I screamed at each other. Most of the important people in the old Las Vegas were reputed to have mob ties.


I passed—I was better at golf than baseball—but I loved keeping my hand in. Finally, for the people who don't customarily receive tips, drop them a card at the end of the year with something inside they'll appreciate. That's where the most serious tragedies were. With five sets of tees, this tournament quality course will challenge golfers of all levels. Bad setups and a bad attitude equals bad play. GOLF WASN'T MY ONLY LOVE. When I graduated from high school in 1960, the Cleveland Indians offered me a $25,000 signing bonus, which back then was substantial. Not insane, but steady. You know how your mind wanders to unusual things in your life? But just as I start to cool off, Maria pours it on. And when we came off 18, he was still there chipping. MY FIRST MAJOR VICTORY was the 1969 PGA Championship. But there wasn't a single gimmick. "There's a race that's as good as over. The full service golf shop of more than 1,500 square feet overlooks Raptor Bay's first tee. From the 10th fairway, I watched Jack raise his putter with both hands, like he was ready to cold-cock the guy. "I have some we make for women."

Sales Office (long distance): (866) 499-6742 It was not exactly a replay of 1986, and there were a lot of reminders that I'm 75 years old. I stopped the car in the emergency lane of the Long Island Expressway, and we went at it. Opened in 1996, it is not as old as some other courses in the area but the designer, Raymond Floyd, took advantage of the existing mature woodlands spread throughout the lush, rolling hills. RELATED: U.S. Open preview 2018: It's crucial that the USGA gets it right at Shinnecock Hills. Except that when we get up there, the guy, who shall remain nameless because it was more than 50 years ago and you wouldn't remember him anyway, says, "Got it!


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