road to riches lyrics nipsey

To prove to every young nigga banging at what you can do

On the road to riches my car fast my bitches bad. The streets of the straight and latest issue

That’s what I use to tell myself when life seemed useless When it felt like if I was to change it'd be for music What I used to tell myself when life seemed useless My bro home, my daughter straight, now what more can a nigga ask And all money in, still the song that I'm singing Now what mo' can a nigga ask? I'm on, can't fade him, fate can't change him Cannot annotate a non-flat selection.

On the road to riches My car fast My bitches bad My locs on My beat thump My pistol stashed It's transition Now it ain't no looking back My bro home My daughter straight Now what mo' can a nigga ask? All on twitter like nigga go on and drop your new shit And if it wasn't for the marathon, they wouldn't have made it through it Respect a nigga pimpin’ cause they know he don’t save ’em When you in the game, to these hoes can't play him My low song my big... my pistol stash. A couple hundred thousand cash, a few haters My locs on Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). On the road of riches my course ask my bitches badMy low song my big… My pistol stashTransition now they won’t looking backMy brother home my daughter straightNow what moe could nigga askHow sis looking I’m gonna keeping cashCause I’m like that rolex second hand but under crystal blackI keep moving keep busting till I see aprovementI know that I can’t win em all but I can’ t keep losingI used to tell myself when life seem uselessWhen it felt like if I was a… For musicWhen pop show is… To pay me that was not exclusiveIs in the hood but sean courter no excusesI… Tell you I’m the reason they finish schoolAnd if they wasn’t for… Wouldn’t made through itAll on twitter like nigga gonna drop your new shitI’m just taking time to make the proper… Of my influenceCouple hundred thousand cash a few haters… Fees for no cases in a box of blunt slaver I give youThe streets sell the straight… IssueAll they know my state of mind everything I’ve been throughThey music for young hustles get they… To the prove of every young niggaBangin at what you can doMy big… Go chance swaginAll money… That I’m sangin at allCan’t fade em fate can’t change emStill screaming fuck a bitch and this bitches can’t play it’s trueIn the game till this… Can’t play emRespect a nigga pimpin because that… We don’t save emThat’s right, can’t break em cause these niggas…Make em steal… But I’ll be… Let’s pray.

On the road to riches I know that I can't win them all, but I can't keep losing

I keep moving, keep puffing till I see improvement Gold chain swanging It's true My bro home, my daughter straight, now what more can a nigga ask. How's it looking? Hows it looking? Can’t break ’em cause these niggaz ain’t make him I’m just taking time to make the proper use of my influence

Still screaming fuck a bitch, and these bitches can't blame him Was in the hood, but Shawn Cater showed us no excuses It's transition Theme music for young hustlers to get they ends to The streets illustrated latest issue An annotation cannot contain another annotation. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Kids tell me I'm the reason that they finish school My bitches bad My locs on, my beat thump, my pistol stashed. Theme music for young hustlers to get their ends to I'm gone keep getting cash The update on my state of mind and everything I been through Beat banging


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