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Get delivery from Ru San's super-fast to your door. Online Ordering. Delivery. $30.75 Maraging Power Maki - Tri Maal Maki - This for Golf Lovers, Shirasu Maki - Dried Baby Anchovy Or Gunkan Style, Only pickup orders are available for this restaurant. spicy aioli sauce, bbq anago, spicy tuna, cucumber, yamagobo, and cream cheese, rolled crusted with sliced almond. DHL Express offers shipping, tracking and courier delivery services. It is an icon with title Cross. Your Address. Get delivery from Ru San's super-fast to your door. stand talt in batayaki sauce, crispy fried seettle bay shrimp, rolled with egg crepe, and rolled again with alaskan salmon and pacific tuna. Now you can order online from Ru San's, find Ru San's's info, coupons & menus. BringMeThat offers food delivery from many restaurants in Atlanta ichi no 1 mayo sauce, round sushi rice ball. At Ru San’s Athens, you will find authentic Japanese Grilled Seafood, Steak, Popular Traditional and Modern Creative Japanese dishes, and the Largest Sushi Selections, at the most affordable price. Order Now and Pick it Up ! hint your treasure in your sauce. spicy aioli, california maki, rolled with smoked salmon, toasted again to bring out more smoky flavor. rolled with tangy yamagobo. Ru Sans Edgewood. Ru San's Charlotte is one of the best sushi restaurants in North Carolina. The minimum order amount is $10.00) (10) Vegetable Appetizer (12) Tofu Appetizer (5) Original House Sushi Rolls (31) Ru San's Seasonal Edgewood Specials (5) $1.00 Sushi Specials (8) More Sushi Specials (17) Temaki (Hand Roll) (4) Vegetarian Sushi Specials (22) Maki Rolls (13) Traditional Sashimi (5) Original Sashimi (5) Sushi Assortment (5) Power House Specials (5) Sushi Nigiri (33) Edgewood … coated and piled with tiger shrimps. Online Ordering | Rusans | Edgewood |. tempura and mayo ankake sauce, tuna, yellowtail, octopus, squid, red snapper, and salmon, red snapper sashimi with garlic porizu sauce, assortment of tuna sashimi seared tuna, tuna tartar, tuna ahi poki, and spicy aloli tuna, assortment of salmon sashimi, seared salmon, lomi lomi salmon, and spicy aloli salmon, crispy wontons layered with red snapper, tuna, fresh salmon, and yellowtail with wasabi vinaigrette, nigiri sushi - tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fresh water eel, octopus, squid, egg, flying fish roe, california roll, and sashimi - tuna, yellowtail, and salmon, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fresh water eel, egg, shrimp, smelt roe, and california roll, miso soup, house salad, maguro with cucumber maki, california maki, kimchee katsuo - bonito, maki, ebi nigiri, sake nigiri, hamachi nigiri, unagi nigiri, tamago nigiri, tobiko with quail egg, salmon skin temaki tuna teriyaki, miso soup, house salad, snow crab cake appetizers, firecracker roll - white and red tuna with cracker rice, california roll with masago, spicy tuna roll, unagi nigiri, maguro nigiri, sake nigiri, salmon skin hand roll, miso soup, house salad, california maki with masago, punk rock and roll, spicy tuna maki, ahi poki gunkan, tako poki gunkan, pickled garlic gunkan, ebi nigiri, sake nigiri, hamachi nigiri, unagi nigiri tamago nigiri, tuna tartar, aioli sauce, negi hamachi cake with kabayaki sauce, miso soup, house salad, snow crab cake appetizer seared triple sec roll, dr. zhivago roll, california roll with masago, spicy tuna roll, unagi nigiri, maguro nigiri, sake nigiri, salmon skin hand roll, tuna spicy aioli sauce, choice of salmon, tuna, hamachi, negi hamachi, tai, kanikama, or lomi lomi salmon, choice of smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, smoked catfish, smoked scallop, smoked mussel, or smoked shrimp, inari tofu, kampyo, shiitakem tamago, spinach, cucumber, choice of sweet potato, potato onion, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, or spinach, delicious pickled garlic, - garlic odor extracted by pickling, choice of cucumber, eggplant, or sweet scallion, tuna, avocado, crispy shrimp tempura, kani and mix spicy crab with masago roll with nori soy wrap, cream cheese, avocado, crab stick with batayaki sauce, tuna and salmon on top inside cucumber and crabstick, inside crunches shrimp, on top double shrimp, crispy shrimp avocado, cream cheese, cranberry, cucumber, and kampio, red snapper, cucumber, and avocado outside red snapper top with black cavier, soft shell crab and inside fried shrimp with aioli sauce and tobiko, inside shrimp tempura, avocado, mayo, masago on outside, beef, salmon, and tuna tataki rolled, lightly flash fried with spicy sauce, fried soft shell crab, yamagobo, cucumber, tobiko and black caviar with spicy aioli sauce, salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and tobiko, shrimp tempura, almond, avocado, cream cheese, mayo and masago, sauteed fresh sea bass, red tuna and shiro tuna rolled sushi rice flash fried still crispy served with cracker sauce, inside tuna and avocado, on top tuna and avocado, inside shrimp tempura, on top smoked salmon, avocado, fresh water eel, inside asparagus, kanikama, cream cheese and yamagobo outside tamago wrap on top, crab stick and avocado rolled and fried. Intravitreous delivery of melatonin affects the retinal neuron survival and visual signal transmission: Co-delivery of paclitaxel and anti-VEGF siRNA by tripeptide lipid nanoparticle to enhance the anti-tumor activity for lung cancer therapy, Hypoxic targeting and activating TH-302 loaded transcatheter arterial embolization microsphere, Cell-mediated targeting drugs delivery systems, Engineered biomaterial strategies for controlling growth factors in tissue engineering. spicy aioli sauce, reflecting tokyo midnight never sleep neon colors, japanese pickled daikon radish, eggplant, baby carrot, cucumber and avocado, wrapped with white and red tuna. By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. japanese katsu mayo sauce, georgia smoked catfish with georgia okra tempura, chopped cherry stone clam with spicy aioli sauce, in gunkan style, topped with o.p. Ru San's is a high energy establishment that is perfect for your next social gathering--an ideal location for birthday parties where we encourage all guests to dance and celebrate their special day! Ru San's Choice Assortment One piece each nigiri : tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fresh water eel, octopus, squid, egg, flying fish roe, and three pieces California roll. topped with sweet unagi sauce, crispy grilled smoked salmon skin, fried kanikama katsu, crunchy yamagobo, and cucumber with crunchy masago, grilled chicken with cilantro and jalapeno pepper, rolled sesame fried. Registered in England & Wales No. 681 reviews of Ru San's "Can be a bit busy, but really great food. We now openDining or Carryout. Order online and track your order live. each piece topped with fresh golden color uni and toasted till uni becomes crispy brown. Ru San's. spicy sauce, spicy tuna rolled and fried spicy aioli sauce, marinated with marin, soy, wrapped with sushi nori, dusted with white and black sesame seed. See the menu, prices, address, and more. Get delivery from Ru San's super-fast to your door. We do not have prices for some of the items at this particular restaurant. 3pieces sliced raw fish each : tuna , salmon, and yellowtail. Please check back during restaurant hours to place order. Ru San's has operated in Kennesaw since 2003 and has not disappointed. cilantro balsamic sauce, sushi rice, smoked salmon, chilean sea bass, tomato, and mozzarella cheese. shitake, inari tofu, cucumber, and lettuce, cucumber, kaiware, negi, yamagobo, and masago, enjoy your sushi with our original sauces teriyaki, spicy aioli, garlic ponzu, batayaki kimchee, garlic chili, tempura, and unagi, tuna, salmon, crab stick cream cheese, cucumber, baby carrot, and avocado of whirlwind, katsu fried with spicy aioli sauce, fried rare tuna and salmon with spicy aioli sauce, steamed whole lobster tail, asparagus, and baby carrot with flying fish roe, served over crunchy udon noodle, fried soft shell crab and vegetable with smelt roe, fresh water eel and avocado with flying fish and black caviar, fresh water eel, scallop, and pickled garlic with unagi and spicy garlic sauce, sea eel, teriyaki, eggplant, and radish sprout, salmon roe, flying fish roe, smelt roe, and black cavier with quail egg, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, baby carrot, and green onion with smelt roe, fried, shrimp, snow crab salad, salmon roe, and radish sprout, tuna, yellowtail, squid, octopus, red snapper, salmon, shrimp, avocado, and crab stick with smelt roe, tuna, yellow tail, salmon, avocado, sea eel, baby carrot, egg, red snapper squid and octopus, fresh water eel, tuna, and radish sprout with spicy garlic sauce, salmon and tuna rolled in avocado with flying fish roe, tuna and yellowtail with avocado and crab stick, chopped tuna, yellowtail, salmon, green onion, mint leaf, and cucumber with smelt roe, fresh salmon, cucumber, and crab stick with black cavier, shrimp tempura, crunches, cucumber, avocado, with mayo and smelt roe, mega protien and vitamin provider - fresh water eel, avocado, and crab stick with unagi sauce, white and red tuna rolled with sushi rice flash fried till crunchy brown shiro maguro slightly cooked and aka maguro remains rare. No delivery fee on your first order. served with spicy soy butter sauce, corn flake crusted crispy soft shell crab rolled with tempura green onion, cucumber, and yamagobo. 1220 Caroline St NE A 200, Atlanta, GA 30307 . batayaki sauce, chopped macadamia nuts, rolled with red snapper, fried, again rolled with sushi rice. 5 (34 Ratings) Free Delivery. Yue Chen , Weidong Fei , Yunchun Zhao , Fengmei Wang , Xiaoling Zheng , Xiaofei Luan & Caihong Zheng . baked, sauteed fresh sea bass, rolled with cucumber and yamagobo - baby carrot, crusted with macadamia nuts and wok fried. 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