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(2019), directed by fellow heiress Olivia Wilde! Beginning his acting career as a child, Jake made his first debut in. Nicole rose to fame following her role on the fabulous reality series alongside bestie and fellow heiress Paris Hilton, The Simple Life, in 2003. TV personality, news anchor, and daredevil Anderson Cooper is an heir to one of the largest fortunes in America: that of railroad baron, Cornelius Vanderbilt. This early achievement set the stage for the remainder of his career. Nicole’s last name practically reveals her charmed upbringing. Olivia’s father, Andrew Cockburn, is a successful journalist and an editor for Harper’s Magazine. She later moved on to the big screen and after winning a Golden Globe for her performance in Almost Famous, she earned worldwide recognition. Jennifer Aniston decided to chip in, but she's doing it differently. But while her Hollywood career has helped her rake in the big bucks, what most people don’t know is that she was born a millionaire. At the tender age of 10, Dakota traded her position behind cameras for a shot at being in the spotlight, making her first film debut in 1999’s Crazy in Alabama alongside her mother. Probably all of the above, minus the latter. With retail stores in 90 countries, Tommy Hilfiger is said to have a net worth of $400 million, which means is daughter will likely sit on top of a large fortune one day. But as a successful author and journalist, Anderson has clearly brought himself wealth. Eve Jobs studies at Stanford University, where her parents met, and is set to graduate in 2021. Her mother, Melanie Sloan, is from a Jewish family from the Bronx, and her father, Karsten Johansson, is a Danish-born architect, from Copenhagen. Kate Hudson’s performance as this free-spirited band groupie in Almost Famous (2000) was what led to her breakthrough as a Hollywood star. In fact, he is named after his famous oil tycoon grandfather, Armand Hammer. Sign up our Newsletter for Free. Her father, Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, was the chairman of a global agriculture company and was said to be worth $3.4 billion at the time of his death. Her mother, Leslie Cockburn, is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. After feeling ashamed for inheriting massive wealth he says he didn’t earn, Balthazar found purpose in his life after dabbling his feet in acting and later becoming a musician and DJ. Though his father did help him get his foot in the door – or on Hollywood’s red carpet – talent is obviously required to make a name for yourself that’s as big as Jake’s. Ariana Grande’s stepfather, Edward Butera, is the founder of IBI Designs, Inc. With a huge family fortune to back her up, Ariana started pursuing an acting career at a very young age. Eve loves riding and during an interview she emphasized just how much when she said, “Riding always keeps you humble. She reportedly left almost all of her estimated $200 million estate to Anderson after her passing. It’s great to see your hard work pay off, but you have to constantly stay at the top of your game.” She went on to say that the sport as taught her how to persevere, and how to be independent and dedicated in all facets of her life. For her own career, she is known worldwide as a TV host and a celebrated chef. She is also well-known for her talent competing in equestrian events and bagging a number of prizes and awards. Heiress? . Being an heir or heiress in America is a pretty big deal. (2013), which he directed and produced, marked his debut as a solo screenwriter. 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In 2011, she launched her own women’s fashion line that donates a chunk of its sales to charities such as the Humane Society. Thanks to the infamous Spiegel catalog, which advertised brands in catalog form, Spike was born with a billion dollar fortune. At the time of his death, the publishing mogul was said to be worth $30 billion. Her most critically acclaimed performance was on TNT series. His hard work in Hollywood, however, has ensured that ‘heir’ isn’t his only defining title. It won three awards and was nominated for another two. He was definitely right about that – unfortunately for us, we’re not Chevy Chase. But don’t fret – Paris still inherited millions. There's actually hard evidence of these STD claims as well, that sort of make it impossible for her to deny. Jokers or funny people trying to share misinformation on social media Many governments have tried their absolute best to … Continue reading The seven types of people who spread misinformation on COVID, Everything we know about the iPhone 12 so far, Extremely popular Mercedes GLA has a new look, The seven types of people who spread misinformation on COVID. (2005), which earned her a number of awards including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Balthazar Getty is the great-grandson of Jean Paul Getty: an oil tycoon considered to be the richest man in the world back in the 1960s. Her perfume lines and Paris Hilton Stores bring her in millions each year, and due to her fame, many brands pay will even pay as much as $300k for an appearance. His next two roles were in his father’s films, . One thing to pay particular attention is the final 2, as both are set to inherit an incredible $28 billion wealth. But before he received a number of Hollywood awards, the actor received a big lump sum of cash from his grandfather, James Rouse. He was said to be worth a staggering $800 million at the time of his death. His trademarked, opening line was: “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not.”. Given her parents’ line of work, much of Dakota’s youth was spent watching her parents on set. Rouse was a reputable activist and philanthropist who earned a name – and money – for himself by being a big shot real estate developer and urban planner in the ’30s. What’s that saying, it’s all in the name? Jake Gyllenhaal is the son of famous director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner. Looks like Dylan also inherited her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, much like a few other heirs and heiresses on this list. His movie. Her father was a successful venture capitalist named Henry Dwight Sedgwick V. We bet her family has made more than a few valuable investments. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Not only is Aerin a billionaire heiress who owns 16 million shares in the company, she is also a successful businesswoman in her own right. Her undeniable talent has made her the recipient of multiple awards, including a Tony Award and a British Academy Film Award for her roles in. Be first to find what's new on FitDib. Anderson Cooper is related to one of the richest families in America - the Vanderbilt family, and he has also made a great fortune in his own right as a famous TV host. She has walked the runway in shows for Chanel, Fendi, and Rebecca Taylor (to name a few), and has also modeled in advertising campaigns for brands including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Alexander McQueen. Her fashion brand. But despite being an heiress, Julia has definitely paved her own path to success. Scarlett Johansson is a name that is synonymous with red carpets and success. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree now does it? As the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress, Goldie Hawn, and the stepdaughter of acclaimed actor, Kurt Russell, Kate grew up accustomed to Hollywood’s glitz and glam. Her latest film production was the acclaimed Booksmart, released in 2019. All this has contributed to her $300 million net worth. While eight of her 11 Emmy Awards were received for acting, three were earned for producing. Since then, Shields earned herself a number of awards – most notably the People’s Choice Award in the category of Favorite Young Performer. But despite being an heiress to his sizable fortune, Paris’ inheritance diminished dramatically after her grandfather pledged 97% of his $2.3 billion estate to charity. After Steve passed away in 2011, his wife Laurene inherited his fortune. Producer and director? Her latest film production was the acclaimed, At the tender age of 10, Dakota traded her position behind cameras for a shot at being in the spotlight, making her first film debut in 1999’s. Her father was a Merrill Lynch stockbroker and her mother was a marketing executive for a mutual fund. Armand was the founder of Occidental Petroleum, one of America’s largest energy and gas corporations. The Fifty Shades Of Grey actress is the daughter of the famous actor Don Johnson and actress Melanie Griffith. She is also an author and owner of fashion label, Fabletics. His movie, Her (2013), which he directed and produced, marked his debut as a solo screenwriter. Lars Niki/Getty Images for The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Founded in 2012, her line sells beauty accessories, fashion items, and home decor in 40 countries. Olivia’s father, Andrew Cockburn, is a successful journalist and an editor for Harper’s Magazine. We’re not famous for our comedic genius, nor are we an heir to millions of dollars. We hope she is investing it well. Her sister, Kate Mara, is also a famous actress. A natural-born comedian, she is apparently one of the highest awarded actresses in TV history. She waved sayonara to riding on the back of her parents’ coattails and won herself a Golden Globe for her performance as Penny, and has been a Hollywood staple ever since. Total Wealth Value: $140 million Read on to see the richest heirs and heiresses in America. What comes to mind when hearing the name Olivia Wilde? Fans of Netflix's Tiger King know about the relationship between Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic. The heiress also adopted Rockefeller’s affinity for philanthropy. Many people know Olivia Wilde as the actress who played Dr. Hadley (AKA “Thirteen”) in the popular medical series House. Miley Cyrus has inherited a huge fortune as well as musical talent from her father Billy Ray Cyrus, who is a country music star. Today Maroon 5 has become a Grammy award-winning band and Adam Levine is building up his own net worth. His next two roles were in his father’s films, A Dangerous Woman (1993) and Homegrown (1998). Fan-favorite actor and comedian Chevy Chase was part of the original Saturday Night Live cast back in 1975, and was the original anchor for the Weekend Update, the show’s longest-running segment that puts a parody on current events. But what exactly did it take for them to get there? Power up the boombox, blast some classic 70’s rock, and cue the dramatic entrance of Penny Lane. With an entrepreneur father to guide her, Ariana has made some major investments, including several big real estate purchases. Wealth Inherited From: Stephen Gyllenhaal. Although we are pretty sure he would do just fine on his own, his mother Gloria Vanderbilt left almost all her fortune to her younger son when the fashionista died in June. He earned himself immediate recognition following his Hollywood debut in Primal Fear (1996), for which he received both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


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