send paypal payment without account
} .statement .col-md-offset-1:first-child { padding-bottom: 0; @media (min-width: 752px) { } .pp-header .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, /* Hero */ flex-direction: inherit; } } padding-bottom: 20px; text-align: center; border-top: 2px solid #d4d9e2; left: 17px; background-color: rgba(245, 247, 250, .2);

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.pp-header .main-menu a:focus, Get the App. PayPal allows users to send and receive payments more or less anywhere in the world whether you want to pay back a friend or family member, get paid as a freelance worker, or simply indulge in a little online shopping. ¹ (June 11, 2018), ² (June 11, 2018), ³ (June 11, 2018), ⁴ (June 11 2018), ⁵ (June 11, 2018), ⁶ (June 11, 2018). line-height: 3.3rem; Or paying back old friends for pizza after? width: 100%; align-self: flex-start; But this is a shop integration system. @media (max-width: 575px) { .pp-header .main-link:focus:hover, .pp-header .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white.pypl-btn--small { } } Some of the costs depend on how you choose to fund the payment. /* Commerce Platform Themes */ Sending money without registering for Paypal, Re: Sending money without registering for Paypal. } padding-top: 11px; } You’ll receive an emailed receipt of your payment for your records.⁴. } } Before you make your decision, it could save you money to check all the options available to you to make sure you’re not paying too much for your particular transaction. #Statement-120523174748775545 .statement__paragraph { content: ''; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white:focus, .content-panel a[target="_blank"]:after { #Statement-120523174748775545 { Type the amount you wish to send in the first box.

line-height: 0; color: #2c2e2f; You could consider using TransferWise as an alternative, and if you need to make international payment regularly opening a borderless multi-currency account for free could also be a good option for you. } }

.pp-header { "Exchanging money" sounds very serious, but it's a useful service for day-to-day transactions like paying your part of a group dinner at a restaurant, giving your teenager some cash to see a movie, or even paying the babysitter (provided they agree!). In order to send or receive money through the PayPal system, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. }


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