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Slark is usually played in the safe lane, with a support. Slark is sometimes played in the mid lane, but may struggle against ranged heroes like Queen of Pain. Apprenez comment contrer et quand choisir Slark à partir de notre liste de contres et …

Counters in Lane. Slark's dependence on Pounce and close range makes him very easy to hit with, Slark's damage, even with a high count of Essence Shift, is easily negated by Omniknight's heals and, Slark's low intelligence and therefore mana pool makes him more susceptible to. Slark only takes 50% of the damage. Essence Shift removes 1 of every attribute, lowering Medusa's mana pool's cap and leaving her much more vulnerable in prolonged fights.
Link ️ By the Dark Pact. That unit takes damage and is leashed to Slark, and can only move a limited distance away from Slark's landing position.

Be the first to submit a counter tip! Pounce locks enemies in place for Skywrath Mage to nuke them with, Essence Shift's attribute steal combined with, Pounce prevents an enemy from moving away when Witch Doctor uses his, Essence Shift's attribute steal causes enemies to take proportionately more damage from later ticks of, Slark's ability to detect and pinpoint enemy vision allows Zeus to deward very easily with. How to counter Slark as Batrider. How to counter Slark: Items, heroes, and tips. Sniper is one of the most gankable heroes in the game, and has no defenses when Pounced on by Slark. Link ️ Shadows keep me.

Link ️ Slark. No tips found.

Essence Shift deals 20 extra damage by draining one strength per hit, which cannot be reduced or spread by, Pounce prevents Spectre from escaping with, Pounce's leash prevents Storm Spirit from using, Pounce and Dark Pact will still hit Templar Assassin while she is. Link ️ In I crawl. Learn how to counter and when to pick Slark from our list of counters and … Slark needs a good earlygame to win, so make sure you shut him down in the early-to-mid phase of the game. AOE disables, such as ground-targeted Earth Spike from Lion or Lina's Light Strike Array, are very useful for trying to control Slark during his Shadow Dance. I’ll list the ones that I truly hate going up against as Slark: He counters everyone. Culling Bladefinishes off Slark before he gets a chance to slip away and regenerate his health, preventing him from playing the hit-and-run style often associated with Slark. Earthshaker's many AoE stuns help lock down Slark, and will often waste the duration of Shadow Dance. Link ️ Oh no, you'll bait no hook with me.

Be ready to counter him with the proper items and heroes. Slark’s survivability pre-Shadow Dance has always been an issue that hindered the hero. Shadow Dance will avoid all the damage from. You can Se connecter avec Steam to see your Dota 2 profile. Spectre deals a lot of AOE damage in teamfights which still goes through Shadow dance. Link ️ Sealed in darkness. Pounce gives Kunkka plenty of time to land all of his abilities. Bane's numerous disables help Slark position and take out his targets. But he definitely counters Slark. Slark's base attributes are average at best, although with enough stolen Agility and damage items he can keep … Example: Let's take two heroes, Superman, with a general winrate of 53%, and Lex Luthor, with a general winrate of 47%. Link ️ If I'd known I'd end up here, I'd have stayed in Dark Reef Prison. Link ️ It's never dark enough. Recent buffs simplified Slark’s life, who can now survive in lane even without a good support. As a reward, some features that are difficult or expensive to operate are available only to Plus members. When used, Slark hides himself in a cloud of shadows, becoming invisible (attacking, casting spells, and using items do not reveal Slark). 3. Lorsqu'il n'est pas visible par l'équipe adverse, Slark obtient passivement un bonus de vitesse de déplacement et de régénération de PV. For the same reasons, Slark is a good ally for Luna when they are in the same team. Advantage (Adv) - The difference between the actual winrate of the heroes and the expected winrate from their base winrates. Link ️ The dark runs deep. Tips. Quand il attaque, lance des capacités ou utilise des objets, il garde son invisibilité. He can also be played in the offlane. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! Slark in general is very weak towards burst dmg. After a short delay, Slark sacrifices some of his life blood, purging negative buffs and dealing damage to enemy units around him and to himself. Earthshaker's many stuns help lock down Slark's targets. Slark's Pounce allows him to close the gap on Phantom Assassin and prevent her from escaping with. Add Another Weak Pick.
Quand cette capacité est utilisée, Slark se dissimule dans un nuage ténébreux et devient impossible à détecter. Heroes with long stuns and slows will help Slark beat down the enemy: Pounce locks down enemies and helps heroes with abilities that are otherwise hard to land: This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 11:06. Abilities that blink or displaces movement will effectively counter Slark’s Pounce Leash.


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