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“I’m sending an email to many media outlets,” Barnes told Reuters. This is the biggest load of shit ever. First visit a few weeks ago. We're just waiting for the gas engineers to dig up the road and lay new gas pipes for our... Good morning Culture2760..., thank you very much for the interest . The Ko Chang hotel, one of the island’s leading employers, was forced to resort to filing a defamation case in August after repeated efforts to reach out to Mr Barnes, who was busy waging a malicious campaign against the hotel on popular social media websites such as, The fourth part of the agreement calls on Mr Barnes to contact the influential, Advice to the current Prime Minister Prayuth Chan ocha, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, formerly the Secretary-General, Senior police officers fired after Wednesday’s, The crowd on Wednesday swelled in the late afternoon, The 13th of October is the 4th anniversary of the, Radical protest leader, Arnon Nampa, has vowed to lead, A 63-year-old woman hired a 48-year-old hitman to, There are reports that the driver, who died at the, Nakorn Premsri, the Director of the National Vaccine, Wesley Barnes, at the conclusion of this week’s, Mr Thapanaphong, an engineer employed by the business, British man was found by police clutching a strap from, Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant but, His girlfriend, who had lived with him previously in, American who spent two nights in prison following his, Very little progress in reopening Thailand to tourism, The news comes as it is estimated that thousands of, American teacher learns his lesson following his spiteful campaign against a Ko Chang hotel resort, Get all our latest stories, follow Thai Examiner on, All posts by Carla Boonkong & Pranee O' Connor, Protests on the streets creating political tensions as PM warns the public only the country will lose, Press conference given by activist and Progressive Movement leader checked by abrupt police visit, Revived protest ends in Bangkok as severe state of emergency is declared and protest leaders promptly arrested, Rally’s march on Government House surprises officials with a larger turnout and police in retreat, Thai King and Queen surprise crowd outside the Grand Palace on Tuesday with warm personal greetings, Smaller crowd expected at rally on Wednesday as police gear up security cordon with citywide checkpoints, Woman linked to potential mass murder plot to claim insurance payouts from poisoned victims, 18 dead in bus rail crash in Chachoengsao province early on Sunday morning with over 40 injured, Thailand’s end game against the Covid 19 disaster goes into effect with an early vaccination programme, Ministry of Energy officials arrested for eliciting a bribe from a local oil firm seeking a status change, Dead UK man found in Nakhon Ratchasima named as 62-year-old Terence Cockrill from Norwich, Interpol Red Notice for ‘Boss’ Vorayuth as Police authorities in Bangkok seek to bring him to trial, Probe into death of UK man in Nakhon Ratchasima after his body was found 1 km from trip petrol stop, Thailand’s new foreign tourism is limited despite the Special Tourist Visa and new Chinese arrivals, Visa amnesty to be retrospectively extended to October 31st says top Immigration Bureau officer, Protester charged with harming the Queen’s liberty claims innocence after his arrest on Friday in Bangkok, Another fatal crash as express train smashes car off the tracks in Phetchaburi – woman killed, Water cannon used to fend off Bangkok protesters as police uphold the strict new emergency laws, Fears of a crackdown on protest grow overnight as PM warns parents to get loved ones out of zone before action, Chinese FM to visit Thailand in a Covid battered world of raised tensions and potential conflict, Police arrest 21 protesters in Bangkok attempting to block the road to be used for planned Royal motorcade, Army denies links to suspended network of fake accounts online removed by Twitter and Facebook, Virus impact creeps further into the financial system with a 40% drop in bank profits now projected for 2020, Death of American in Chiang Mai being looked at by police after fall from his seventh-floor condo, Police say students have no permission to protest as army chief warns that security will be upheld, Human rights of westerners tied to Thailand being trampled by popular virus measures taken worldwide, Special Tourist Visa a fiasco as boss warns of at least 1 million jobs lost without mass tourism being reopened, Publicity gambit to unearth new evidence leading to the arrest of the suspect in Nong Chompoo case, New army chief takes the helm this week amid growing tensions and rising public apathy toward politics, Swirling talk of Thaksin’s return as PM quashed as fake news amid signs of a repositioned Pheu Thai Party, Rejigged Thailand Elite card seen as a key tool in promoting the country as an oasis for the wealthy to flock to, Former Immigration Bureau boss ‘Big Joke’ to bring case against the PM to get his old job back after 2019 shunt, Thaksin poses a question to those in power on the same day he was removed from office in 2006, Closed Thailand giving handouts to millions while Sweden welcomes tourists with falling infections, Frenchman’s car stopped in Phuket, charged with the violent hotel rape of a 29 year old UK woman in Patpong.


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