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The Saskatchewan Party is headed for a fourth straight majority government in the province of Saskatchewan. Furthermore, I’m dyslexic and that makes me think that life is more than words and the passion that people put into their actions actually creates stories in which the soul, the mind and the body resonate. We are in a dire time of change, hell……….. everything has changed in the last few days/weeks. Shackleton could have given up and nobody would have blamed him; he was up against impossible odds, in an unfamiliar land, with a near impossible task. As many of you may already know I work in the fabulous world of IT. Let’s face it some of us are just not morning people. Jerry Delbridge. Change is fearful. Get yourself enrolled in this e-mail course and you’ll have access to 11 lessons to help you get out of the fog of your development process. Discover the meaning of optimism and get your daily dose of optimistic life values. Basically, customized independency. ( Log Out /  Throughout the years, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of things, from running to public speaking, from writing books to acting, from freelancing to cold showers. All Aboard the Optimist: A North Yorkshire Moors Railway Heritage Experience October 30, 2020. I hope to create a daily post of love, unity, and positivity that can uplift the minds of people feeling hurt and fear right now. Enhance your knowledge with articles, books, and courses. We hopped aboard the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for a leisurely ride to the coast – blowing those covid cobwebs away for the day! Change Your Life, You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness…, How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage, Staying positive can be an ongoing challenge. Where we can connect to each other and find an optimistic way to end our day. Many of us have had to endure life altering changes and make difficult sacrifices over the last few weeks and months. The burning desire of doing something and the capacity of taking something and making it a passion while fueling it up with enthusiasm. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Grow together, become a closer family, be better together(and also as individuals). Change is hard. The latest numbers have the Saskatchewan Party leading in … ( Log Out /  He stood up to the task, made no excuses, made the hard sacrifices, and got the majority of his men home. Most of our daily lives and routines have recently been uprooted. With this daily blog post I hope to ease some of the mental stresses, and offer a more beneficial and positive way of thinking during these mentally taxing times. If my mother and father are the only two people that ever read one of these posts, I will not hold it against the rest of you! the Words of William Arthur Everyday is full…, Anxiety is something that can be both mentally and physically exhausting. There is no such term as “normal daily routine” all of a sudden. Real courage goes hand in hand with craziness. Chaos is in the air, fear is in people’s hearts, and uncertainty is the new normal. If you are a human being that can honestly say—“My daily life has not changed at all, life is as normal as it can be”—-I salute you sir or mam—-and you deserve a medal of commendation for being one of the easiest going souls on this planet. The Christian Optimist - Listen to PowerPoint with Jack Graham, Apr. Creating a daily routine can make getting up in the morning more enjoyable, starting your day off on the right foot. The next week in Ontario's battle with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will be crucial, an infections diseases expert said Sunday after the province reported more than 1,000 daily cases for the first time since the start of the global outbreak. TV networks are projecting a majority government about 40 minutes after the polls have closed. 31.10.2020 teko. The 2019-2020 Optimist … You are not alone. I’ve learned to work in controlled chaos and I think the way I manage to make things work has to do with a lot of pragmatism and fantastically little theory. Change is the only consistent guarantee in life other than death and taxation. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Children are being forced to leave their safe environment of learning and are made to figure out a new way of virtual learning(which has got to be equally as hard on parents as it is on the children). … I’m inspired by disciplined people, precisely because I’m not. Parents are now having to be the provider/caregiver/teacher/maid/cook/etc…….for their children, that are now at home 24/7. Use this added time at home with your family members for positive measures. This is a group of blocks in columns. TRO Daily Thoughts For some reason unbeknownst to me Fry’s, my local grocery store never gets less than $50 from me. It is very easy during these times of change to feel overwhelmed. The courage of choosing to live the desired life and the craziness to go against society’s dogmas and rules so one can create their own universe. Things can be improved but the ones that are becoming better are we, the humans. Discover the meaning of optimism and get your daily dose of optimistic life values. Interestingly enough this is Read More >> Instead of feeling like you now “have to” or feeling that you are now “forced to” teach your child—you now inherit the rarest of chances to spend more time with your child and help mold them into the person that you know they can be, the person that you know they will be proud to be one day. With this daily blog post I hope to ease some of the mental stresses, and offer a more beneficial and positive way of thinking during these mentally taxing times. The freedom of being whoever you want and wherever you want combined with the skills of having an income without being tied to a specific place. I’m an optimist and in everything I do I put at least a gram from the optimism I live, therefore I’m in a constant search for the meaning of optimism. I hope to create a daily post of love, unity, and positivity that can uplift the minds of people feeling hurt and … Enhance your knowledge with articles, books, and courses. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 3 talking about this. A passionate life is a life lived efortlessly. Unity is important. This is also a day and time of change. It is very easy to feel alone and isolated, but you are not alone. Community is important. I hope you put that teachers cap on with courage and guide your child as well as Shackleton guided his crew home from a broken and “impossible” trip to the Antartic. And optimism is the key that starts the engine when it comes to unexpected and unpleasant situations. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The idea of change is the reason for this post. We are all in this together. The Optimist Club of Cornwall’s drive-through Halloween event, which has been in the works for several weeks, is still a go — for now.That’s despite … These are the times we need to come together as peers and maintain some form of “normalcy” in our lives. ( Log Out /  NEW YORK — Bruce Springsteen — who released his 20th album "Letter to You" last week — discusses trending on Twitter, his first guitar, his first concert and the pain of the pandemic in outtakes from a recent interview with The Associated Press. Schools are closed, restaurants are closed, “non-essential” businesses are closed, parties are canceled, sports are canceled, travels are canceled, even funerals are disallowed. Every human on the planet is at war with an enemy that none of us can physically see. Founded in Miami, Florida Balt Vodka is a premium brand. In the tug-of-war between the world views of cheery optimists and dour pessimists, the happy people just got a big boost. The only goal of this daily(hopefully) blog is to offer a positive way of thinking during this time of confusion and uncertainty. It is up to us all, all of us as neighbors, all of us as peers, all of us together. Those who see the glass as … Discover 10 Great New Dishes You’re Gonna Love, How To Win Friends and Influence People by, Healthy & Positive Ways to Cope with Anxiety, 7 Ways to Show Gratitude, Be Thankful, and Boost Your Motivation. Founded in Miami, Florida Balt Vodka is a premium brand. Change ). HENDERSON — On Sept. 22, 2020, the Henderson Optimist Club Installation of Officers Ceremony was conducted by outgoing Zone 5 Lt. Gov. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs. Read the interview here. I will go out on a limb here and estimate that those who have felt zero to no change over the last few weeks, are the vast minority.


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