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Business investment fell by 1.0% in the final quarter of the year, continuing its recent subdued performance as heightened uncertainty is likely to have weighed on the willingness of firms to invest in capital. U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators are laying the groundwork for a delay of a fresh round of tariffs set to kick in on Dec. 15, according to officials on both sides, as they continue to haggle over how to get Beijing to commit to massive purchases of U.S. farm products President Trump is insisting on for a near-term deal. There was a widespread disruption to economic activity due to the coronavirus pandemic and the government's efforts to contain it. This will include new pubs in Bourne, Waterford, Hamilton, Ely, Diss, Felixstowe, Newport Pagnell and Prestatyn.

At face value the headline imports figures do not show strong evidence consistent with stockpiling, but when we look at the monthly path of imports from the EU we do see a pattern consistent with that seen in advance of the UK’s original departure date at the end March, albeit less pronounced. This ensures that the national accounts are comprehensive and provide different perspectives on the economy, for example, sales by retailers and purchases by households. There were slight upwards revisions in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) and Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2019, reflecting revisions to output and expenditure approaches to measuring GDP. the strengths and limitations of the data and how it compares with related data, the quality of the output including the accuracy of the data. Output in both the production and construction sectors contracted, by 0.5% and 0.8% respectively.

The resulting series should be considered accordingly. Gross Capital Formation – which includes gross fixed capital formation, changes in inventories and acquisitions less disposal of valuables – fell 12.4% in Quarter 4 2019.

View latest release. In the UK, there are more data available on output in the short-term than in either of the other two approaches. WSJ "U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators are laying the groundwork for a delay of a fresh round of tariffs set to kick in on Dec. 15, according to officials on both sides, as they continue to haggle over how to get Beijing to commit to massive purchases of U.S. farm products .." There was also an increase in education services output, which increased by 0.7%. Gross capital formation (GCF) fell in Quarter 4 2019, although there was some evidence of stockbuilding taking place in the latest quarter (Figure 6). Alignment adjustments, found in Table M of the GDP data tables in this release, have a target limit of plus or minus £2,000 million on any quarter. When compared with the same quarter a year ago, UK GDP increased by 1.1% to Quarter 4 2019; down from a revised 1.2% in the previous period. All data in this bulletin are seasonally adjusted estimates. Details on the scope are available in the article, Latest developments and changes to be implemented in Blue Book and Pink Book 2019. Despite these industries performing well in recent periods, there has been a notable slowdown in services growth since July 2018. The services sector was the only positive contributor to GDP growth in the three months to July 2019, growing by 0.2%. $EUREuropean Editor @EricCulpLS reviews today's survey results here:, German ZEW expectations jumped in December, but the index is not very good at predicting actual GDP-growth. ... while compared with the second quarter of 2019, the U.K. economy tumbled by 21.7%. Consistent with the latest Quarterly national accounts, monthly GDP in March 2019 has been revised up by 0.2 percentage points to 0.1% as a result of new survey estimates. Still, it is the biggest contraction since comparable records began in 1956 and the second consecutive quarterly decline in GDP, officially entering a recession, amid a widespread disruption to economic activity due to the coronavirus pandemic and the government's efforts to contain it. However, in periods where the data sources are particularly difficult to balance, larger alignment adjustments are sometimes needed. Gross operating surplus (GOS) of corporations fell 1.1% in the fourth quarter, following an increase of 3.3% in the previous quarter.

Household consumption dropped 1 percent and fixed investment slumped 2.3 percent.
Britain’s economy has been dragged back into stagnation by economic uncertainty.

GDP monthly estimate, UK: August 2020 Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the value of goods and services produced in the UK. The services sector continued to show subdued growth in the three months to July 2019, growing by 0.2%. The different data content and quality of the three approaches – the output approach, the expenditure approach and the income approach – dictate the approach taken in balancing quarterly data. In May 2019, growth in services was flat, following growth of 0.1% in April 2019. This year, due to the very demanding set of changes being put through in the annual update, we are exceptionally not going to fully reconcile 2017 annual data, instead producing an indicative balance to allow further time for final quality assurance of the data. It estimates the size of and growth in the economy. The UK economy stalled in the final quarter of 2019, with no growth at all on the previous three months as political uncertainty gripped the country. The United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world and the second largest in Europe after Germany. A series of National Accounts articles were published on 20 August 2019 outlining some of the key methodological changes and their impact on quarterly GDP estimates quality and methodology. The trade deficit narrowed due to falling imports, particularly unspecified goods (including non-monetary gold), chemicals and road vehicles in the three months to July.". Information and communication showed the biggest fall, decreasing for the first time after six consecutive months of growth. Q1 refers to Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar), Q2 refers to Quarter 2 (Apr to June), Q3 refers to Quarter 3 (July to Sept) and Q4 refers to Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec). The FTSE 1000 is now down just 41 points, having shed over 80 points earlier today. This reflects a slight pickup from the previous year, although it is one of the slowest rates since the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Chart shows contribution to quarter-on-quarter manufacturing growth. Growth in mining and quarrying remained strong at 1.6%, driven by the high levels of production seen in February and March 2019. Chart shows contribution to quarter-on-quarter service sector growth.

In our first quarterly estimate, output tends to paint a more reliable picture of what is happening overall in the economy, and so balancing adjustments are applied to the expenditure and income components of GDP where required to align to output; these tend to be applied to components where data content is comparatively weak, or estimates are prone to revision.

UK gross domestic product (GDP) in volume terms was flat in Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2019, following revised growth of 0.5% in Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2019. This was mainly due to the partial recovery in car production.”, Source: Office for National Statistics – GDP monthly estimate.

U.S. stocks open slightly lower Growth in construction was negative 0.8% in the three months to July 2019. Markets have fallen in Europe and the US, as trade war fears bubble. WDI Tables.

GDP Growth Rate in the United Kingdom averaged 0.51 percent from 1955 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 5 percent in the first quarter of 1973 and a record low of … Rolling three-month growth in the production sector was 0.3% in May 2019, with growth in manufacturing slowing to 0.1%. The quarterly increase in construction output is stronger than the majority of external evidence, including the Bank of England Agents Summary which recorded a marginal reduction in construction activity in Quarter 4 as uncertainty caused delays in a number of construction industries. Private consumption, government consumption and net trade contributed positively to growth in the expenditure approach to GDP, while gross capital formation contributed negatively to growth in Quarter 4 2019. Information and communication, on the other hand, driven by computer programming, continued to do well throughout this period.

This increase was driven by private new housing and public housing repair and maintenance, which grew by 4.4% and 7.8% respectively. Contributions represent contributions to gross capital formation quarter-on-quarter growth. Within manufacturing, the largest drag on growth was manufacture of transport equipment. Private consumption is household final consumption expenditure and non-profit institutions serving households. Alignment and balancing adjustments are typically applied to the inventories component to help balance the different approaches to GDP – more detail on these can be found in the Quality and methodology section of this publication.

Despite this rebound, the levels of output in this industry are below those seen in the months prior to April 2019. The news that the economy has ground to a halt, comes on top of earlier information showing annual GDP growth at a ten-year low and the UK languishing at the very bottom of the rich country league table.
That would allow both sides more breathing room to work on the Phase One trade deal that has apparently been nearly finished for weeks. When these adjustments are removed, there is some evidence that stockbuilding was taking place in late 2019, as there was an increase of £2.2 billion in stocks being held by UK companies in Quarter 4 2019 (Table 2). Imports from non-EU countries rose by £5.3 billion to £61.0 billion in the three months to October 2019. The Agriculture sector accounts for only 1 percent of GDP.

1956-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Calendar. The #ZEW outlook for #Germany surges to its highest level in nearly two years on hopes of improvements in exports and private consumption.


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