wabbit twouble script
However, he gets annoyed when Bugs unpitches and takes his tent, but gets it back, tied up in knots. I'll show you. Clampett's talent as a film-maker is undeniable, but his later grandiose averment to the lion's share of the Schlesinger heritage gave him a touch of the con-man. Eventually, Elmer gives up and quickly packs everything back into his car (including, at first, the tree that was next to his tent). Here, in his first Looney Tune, Bob Clampett gives us a priceless gem. Their chemistry is another reason to see this cartoon, it is somewhat electric! From down there, Bugs breaks down the tent and drags it inside. The portly Elmer visits Jellostone National Park for a little peace and quiet. Then he pushes Elmer's hat over his eyes. He mistakenly sets camp in the neighborhood of Bugs' rabbit hole, and Bugs (and a neighboring bear) don't have much leisure in mind. Elmer pitches a tent (near Bugs' rabbit hole), and sets up camp by putting a fire stove, a mirror and a table to wash his face, and a hammock. However, Bugs does get out of that, and mimics Elmer's weight and what he previously said, labeling it "phooey". Shorts (1960-1969): Films: Bugs Bunny: Superstar • The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie • The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie • Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales • Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island • Daffy Duck's Quackbusters • Space Jam • Wakko's Wish • Tweety's High-Flying Adventure • Looney Tunes: Back in Action • Bah, Humduck! Elmer looks at the miraculous view of the Grand Canyon, but suddenly realizes he is in midair. This is one of the rare cartoons where Bugs is the aggressor rather than the victim. A lesser praised classic of impeccable timing. Elmer, driving his Ford Model T jalopy to a Conga beat, makes his way to Jellostone National Park (a pun on Yellowstone National Park) while looking forward to getting some rest. "Rhapsody in Rivets" "), Shorts: Awards Direct-to-video film series: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island • Scooby-Doo! I don't think I need to say any more than that! Wubbish! Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. He then, looks at the miraculous view of the Grand Canyon. When it wakes Elmer, he thinks it is nighttime because everything seems dark. Of the four Fat Elmer shorts, this is the best one in terms of character animation. Elmer washes his face but cannot reach his towel because it is hanging on a branch that Bugs keeps at a steady, short distance from him. Bizarre moment for sure. Elmer Fudd: And that! Bugs Bunny: You know, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was me that tricked you. 'Wabbit Twouble' is an exceptional piece of work. Elmer: Shh. That, and his abandonment of classic animation (and any further films of merit) are blemishes on his reputation. Elmer (in his quickly abandoned obese form) does nothing at all to provoke the hard time which Bugs metes out to him. Even for cartoon lovers not really recommended. The greatest PS4 game. West and wewaxation at wast!" The bear soon gives up after sniffing Elmer's "B.O." Stork Naked. He is merely a sweet-natured holiday maker at a small campsite looking for "peace and wewaxation". But Bugs can be quite a nuisance, which is why I also did not find him really likable at all. The 1941 WB flick "Blues in the Night" uses "Says Who? He goes to his tent, takes off his day clothes to reveal night clothes underneath, and goes to bed. Nowhere near Bugs' finest. When Elmer goes to wash his face, Bugs keeps the towel at a distance with a branch, causing Elmer to blindly follow the towel. Peace and wewaxation, huh? This feels like an Avery short but with Clampett's signature gags and motifs. Bob Clampett's first Bugs Bunny cartoon seems more like the kind of film that Tex Avery would have made if he stayed with the studio (not surprising, since Clampett inherited Tex's crew). Uncredited Voice Characterizations : Bugs runs away when the bear returns and Elmer ends up hitting the bear instead. The bear soon gives up (after sniffing Elmer's "B.O." 'Wabbit Twouble' stars early incarnations of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny and fans will notice immediately that they are quite different to the characters they would later become. (laughs) Oh boy, wabbit twacks. The park ranger then appears, a stern look on his face. https://www.quotes.net/movies/wabbit_twouble_quotes_12344. Quotes.net. Sadly, the second half was really forgettable and bland and the bear added almost nothing for me. When Elmer goes to wash his face, Bugs keeps the towel at a distance with a branch, causing Elmer to blindly follow the towel. Overall, a hilarious cartoon and definitely one I recommend. Wabbit Twouble. In this episode he does not look much like Elmer, but this was 1941 when "Wabbit Trouble" was made and Elmer was still developing. Be vewy, vewy quiet. Slick Hare. Anyway, as his car conga-lines its way to Jellostone Park for some "west and wewaxation", he thinks everything will by all right. Most memorable moment was actually a chubby version of Bugs, even if it only lasted for a second or so. Production No. It turns out that Daffy Duck wearing rabbit feet and deliberately leaving behind the tracks. But just when he sees that Bugs is the one pulling these gags, Bugs runs off, with Elmer giving chase after retrieving a gun from his tent. Above all, remain absolutely motionless!". NOW PLAYING. Elmer pitches a tent (near Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole), and sets up camp by putting a fire stove, a mirror and a table to wash his face, and a hammock. Clampett never really hid Avery's involvement in "Wabbit Twouble" in talking about how 'fat Elmer' came to be, which was different from some of the other things he would take credit for later on in his career (and it could boil down here to Bob just not wanting to be responsible for the 'fat Elmer' misfire by himself, and indicting Tex as co-conspirator).What would also be interesting to know is how fast this cartoon was put through the system, given Bugs' booming popularity by late 1941. The cartoon is so packed with gags that they spilled over into the credits, which are presented in Fudd-ese with W's replacing all the R's and L's. [incomplete] 1 Episodes 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2: 1.3 Season 3: 1,379 . Clampett tries it all. However, Bugs simply pushes it open, steps out and mimics Elmer. The bear starts growling, and so Elmer turns to a wildlife handbook for advice, which directs him to play dead. Ew! A chase then ensues with Elmer and the bear running through the trees to the chase sequence of William Tell. Great stuff! Elmer, riding in his old jalopy (whose eccentric rear axle and wheel do the Conga "kick" and beat), makes his way to Jellostone National Park (a clear reference to Yellowstone National Park), where the sign by the entrance promises "Rest and Relaxation" and "a Restful Retreat" (or, in Elmer's usual diction, "West and Wewaxation" and "a Westful Wetweat"). The title card credits are written in "Elmer Fudd-ese"; that is, written the way Elmer would say them ("Diwected by Wobewt Cwampett" and so on). or at least in Grand Canyon Village, in the middle of the South Rim. Wabbit Twouble ("Rabbit Trouble" in Elmer Fudd's speech impediment) is a Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions and released on December 20, 1941 by Warner Bros. Pictures. Bob Clampett, wacky as ever, goes all-out with this production, using some of the best and surreal gags you'll see.


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