wake up songs for tweens

I hate it and it makes me sad.

If you are not up dancing around your room while you listen to this song, then there might not be hope for your wake up playlist. Similar to “Good Life” by OneRepublic, “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons puts me in the best mood to start my day. The perfect songs for your wake up playlist are the songs that can help you jump out of bed and start your day off right. NOW WATCH: How to use Apple's Spotify killer — now on everyone's iPhone, Spotify told us the top 20 songs people listen to in the shower — here they are. And an added bonus is the beat, which is perfect for strutting around your room pretending you are a supermodel on a catwalk. What did you think of these songs on my wake up playlist? Hmm, we'll let you decide that one, just note, nobody appreciates you raving at the breakfast table. See? Having the right music playing in the morning can set your mood for the whole day. Music runs my life, so it is natural that I have put together tons of wake up playlists. That’s why in order to create the perfect “wake up” playlist, Spotify enlisted the help of music psychologist and Cambridge PhD candidate, David M. Greenberg. 'The Morning' gives you that slow wake up you need after a big night out (plus any list is always made 100% cooler when The Weeknd is added to it right?). It is so nice to start my day with a soundtrack as upbeat as I hope my day to be. James Brown's legendary scream probably isn't the most comforting first noise of the day but you won't be able to rest your eyes for a second after JB gets going. The song was taken from Coldplay's 2008 album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'. Struggle to wake up in the morning sometimes? Here's a list of songs perfect to use as your morning alarm. The songs you choose for your wake up playlist can impact how you feel for the rest of the day. But that all changes when I put on “Good Life” by OneRepublic. Here are some of my personal favorites from my wake up playlist. Before The Weeknd's HUGE album 'Beauty Behind The Madness', there was 'Trilogy'. Kanye's 2007 album 'Graduation' is constantly hailed as his best album EVER and to be honest, we can't really argue. “22” by Taylor Swift is all about living life to the fullest. This song is a reminder that although the day ahead of me might be rough, I still have so much to be happy about. We can't get enough of The Vamps 2015 hit from an album of the same name. ARGH! Subscriber It is a classic that'll pep anybody up for a great day. Songs that start more gently (even just for a few seconds) and then build, help you wake up more gradually.

as well as other partner offers and accept our. 'Stay With Me', 'Lay Me Down' and 'I'm Not The Only One' are masterpieces, there is no doubt about that. Pressing that snooze button one too many times? Australian funk/ska band The Cat Empire are able to create a wave of movement at their live shows and it shouldn't be any different when trying to get you on your feet. Follow The Official Big Top 40 on Twitter, Follow The Official Big Top 40 on Facebook, Follow The Official Big Top 40 on Instagram, Follow The Official Big Top 40 on YouTube. It has to get your energy level going, but it can’t just be pounding bass into your ears.

Having the right music playing in the morning can set your mood for the whole day.

Trust me, I have tried. Upbeat or mellow, we've got them all. This is a perfect choice for a lazy Sunday. We can't have a list without a Vodafone Big Top 40 No.1 single now can we? It is a great way to get pumped up for the day without overwhelming yourself with a full techno song. Pharrell's 'Happy' could be on millions of lists couldn't it? It takes the super relaxed vibe of Kid Cudi’s original version of “Pursuit of Happiness,” but adds in the exciting vibe of Steve Aoki. 2. They are upbeat, happy, and make you feel good. Combine that with the lovely vocals and you have an automatic hit guaranteed to start your day off right.

The song has so much energy to it and is enough to make even the sleepiest of people jump out of their beds. Choosing the perfect “wake up” song isn’t an easy task. Here are some of my personal favorites from my wake up playlist. Pressing that snooze button one too many times?

And isn’t that the best way to start your day off? This was one of my all time favorite songs growing up (okay I lied, it still is). : Once alert, you need to become motivated for the day to come; positive lyrics can get you out of a grumpy state and shift towards a feel-good attitude. 5 more minutes please! Jamming out to this song in the morning can help you keep that message in your mind all day.

Sign up for Insider Select. Happy, by Pharrell Williams (2014) – This is the best wake up song of all time. since.

Upbeat or mellow, we've got them all. Waking up sucks, plain and simple. It can’t be done. Classics are always welcome here on the Vodafone Big Top 40. 5 more minutes please! This song is a bit more aggressive but still gets you awake for the day. Nothing like starting off the morning with some dance music right? Who knew that a song with the ability to win the song of the year Grammy award is also a perfect to kickstart any weekday morning. Sporty Spice Holding up Spice Girls Reunion. Azealia Banks has such a unique sound to her music that picks up and slows down pace at the drop of a beat. iamtheo via flickr The amazing thing about Bill Withers' 'Lovely Day' is not only that it makes you get out of bed, it also plasters the biggest smile in the history of existence across your face.

But Sam's fast paced 'Money On My Mind' is EXACTLY what you need when you finger keeps moving towards that snooze button. Wake Up Boo – The Boo Radleys (1995) – A classic morning track from the Boo Radleys that will have you singing along. So it is important that the songs on your playlist make you happy. Wake up! So it is important that the songs on your playlist make you happy.

We told you not all of he songs would be 'get up and go' tracks.


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