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Each incident ends with a humorless, scolding adult pointedly asking, “What if everybody did that?” Madden’s mixed-media illustrations are colorful and detailed, devoting one spread to each faux pas. A story about a boy who goes to the zoo and asks if he can feed the animal and the zookeeper talks to him about what would happen if everyone did that. This book is interactive ... Vollständige Rezension lesen. Use What If Everybody Did That? Charming object lessons on applying verbal filters, Thinking before speaking is something the world could use a lot more of. Colleen M. Madden, by What if everybody broke the rules...and spoke during story time, didn't wash up, or splashed too much at the pool? Amazon Prime Day had a special gift for Prime Members. What If Everybody Did That? Categories: At the emergency room, her credit card and debit card are declined. Hardcover | Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry Number Of Pages: 32 explores the power of words and shows kids that the things we say matter. There's a problem loading this menu right now. THRILLER is a great tool to introduce little readers to the concepts and importance of kindness, inclusivity, the power of words, and taking responsibility for one’s actions and speech.” —Word Spelunking, “A smart addition to your collections on feelings, emotions, and actions.” —Mom Read It, “I can see this book being very useful in a classroom setting or one-on-one to address negative comments toward others.” —Library Mom Books, “An important picture book especially in today’s world.” —Booking Mama, “A perfect tool to teach kindness and manners.” —Kristi’s Book Nook, “This book acts as a good conversation starter and one that will show fully how words have consequences.” —Mrs. “The protagonist has blue eyes, black hair, and light brown skin and is surrounded by a supporting cast of many races and ethnicities. A story about a boy who goes to the zoo and asks if he can feed the animal and the zookeeper talks to him about what would happen if everyone did that. He and his best friend came for a checkup, but Jack’s disappeared. ‧ Publisher: Amazon Publishing The art on the verso shows the boy committing a thoughtless act, and the recto pictures show what could happen if everyone broke the rules. Lindsay Ward. What if everybody broke the rules…and spoke during story time, didn’t wash up, or splashed too much at the pool? Then the world would be a mess. 3-7), by The Learning Journey Techno Kids – Stack A Peg Super Set – STEM Toddler Toys & Gifts for Boys & Girls Ages 2+ Years – Mind Building Preschool Learning Toys and Games, What Should Danny Do? What If Everybody Did That? But what if everybody said that? Then the world would be a mess. Colleen M. Madden Hardcover x 233.68 Using humorous illustrations rendered in mixed media, these questions are answered in a child-friendly way and show the consequences of thoughtless behavior. Format: Title: What If Everybody Did That? Diana realizes that Cole, a fellow student in her watercolor class, isn’t the stranger she’d thought he was. But what if everybody did that? is a great tool for parents to encourage their children to be more mindful of their behaviour and think about how it might affect others. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. But what if everybody obeyed the rules so that the world would become a better place?  16,00 €, 12,69 € In addition to our one free, early read Amazon First selection, we got the other five books for free. (Picture book. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date.  12,40 €, 14,26 € Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 27, 2018. Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2018. Madden's experience as a greeting-card illustrator is evident in the variety of expressions shown on the faces of the multicultural cast in the colorful mixed-media drawings. ‧ currency or language preferences), and display features, products and services (e.g. Javernick presents a series of small infractions, 13 in all, committed by a clueless little boy. Dexter weighs his good qualities against those he lacks, and he comes up short.  16,00 €, 17,19 € We use cookies and similar tools, including those used by approved third parties (collectively, "cookies") for the purposes described below.You can learn more about how we (plus approved third parties) use cookies and how to change your settings by visiting the Cookies notice. But when Jack is still MIA, Dexter becomes disconsolate, believing his friend might have left him behind on purpose; maybe he likes another toy better? illustrated by ; by Ellen Javernick is the author of more than twenty books for children, including the Children’s Choice Book Award finalist The Birthday Pet, illustrated by Kevin O’Malley, and the bestselling picture book What If Everybody Did That?, illustrated by Colleen Madden.She has been an elementary school teacher for more than twenty years and currently teaches second grade. Number Of Pages: 32 Ward’s ink, colored-pencil, and cut-paper illustrations give readers a toy’s view of the world and allow children to stomp in Dexter’s feet for a while, his facial expressions giving them lots of clues to his feelings. All rights are owned by their creators and/or publishers. is all about community and remembering we all play a part in keeping our school, neighborhoods, and homes safe and happy places. What If Everybody Did That? But when readers protest (indicated by a change in Dexter’s tone after the turn of the page), Dexter gains the determination he needs to make a plan. ; Earn 2 Qantas Points per $1 spent. But what if everybody thought before they spoke, so the world would be a kinder place?


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