why did richard goulding leave the windsors
It was Harry’s sense of “accessible” likeability, paired with a hidden complexity, that made the role attractive to Goulding. It could be entirely spiteful,” says Jeffrie. “Well, I suppose we did try to focus on the characters that were a bit… twatty,” admits Jeffrie. Frankly, I find this hard to believe. “We had a whole meeting to decide whose testicles were ginger enough to be Harry’s.”. “The play does not make the claim that Harry is Hewitt’s son. “Although we thought they’d go to the US, not Canada.”, The Windsors will be back soon – but Richard Goulding, seen here as Prince Harry, has left and Tom Durant-Pritchard  takes over. “Prince Andrew was a bit tricky,” Tyler-Moore said. During a recent interview with the Mail on Sunday, Harry claimed that he “wanted out” of the Royal family. Eyes appropriately averted from Enfield, the cast rehearse the wedding. Brexit has a script by Olivier Award-winning playwright James Graham and is being directed by Sherlock‘s Toby Haynes. Now, as The Windsors returns for a second series, Goulding has become used to sacrificing his brunette locks in the name of art. “Ultimately, if you take the piss to the extent that it makes the viewer go ‘Oh God!’, it can stop it being funny.”. Beatrice (Celeste Dring), Harry (Richard Goulding) and Eugenie (Ellie White) “The thing about Spitting Image is that it was a sketch show. We wanted to bring a different flavour. C4’s fictional comedy soap opera The Windsors has gained plenty of fans since it started in 2016. That line is in the mouth of someone who couldn’t possibly know, who’s saying the wrong thing and the crudest thing, and this was quickly dismissed by the script. But, despite a number of cast and crew comparing the show to Spitting Image, The Windsors doesn’t feel like satire: more a comic drama that makes the odd comment about monarchy. The new season will also see Camilla clash with Carol Middleton; “evil” Pippa Middleton working for Meghan and Harry as their nanny; and Princess Anne falling for David Beckham… Sounds intriguing! Which is all very well, but will the royals actually watch this? “One: he’s a bit stupid. Robinson offers that “this is more Heat magazine than Private Eye” (no kidding). We just couldn’t think of anything funny enough,” smiles Jeffrie. This comes as a surprise, considering the 36-year-old has already portrayed Prince Harry in two different TV shows. “The thing about Spitting Image is that it was a sketch show. “There was always going to be a clash with this contradictory self-empowered modern woman who wants to speak about issues, but also wants to marry a prince and live in a fairytale castle, joining this ridiculously outdated institution,” he added. “On the one hand it was an absolutely devastating tragedy that he died when he did. It could be entirely spiteful,” says Jeffrie. And Skinner is telling people: “Basically I try to play a bad version of Matt Damon” (huh?). Not with any agenda – we just thought: ‘This’ll be a funny idea.’”. “But we’ve got a whole half-hour plot line – we’ve had to include a lot of warmth for the characters.” A serial format isn’t the only reason for trying to render the royals warmly, though? While most of us were surprised when Meghan and Harry announced they were stepping back from the royal family, turns out that the people behind C4 show The Windsors had already predicted. As I prepare to leave, the cast are still talking excitedly. It follows the imagined lives of the royal family, with stories often based on real events – recently portraying Meghan and Harry’s relationship and their wedding. A star cast of comics impersonate our first family in this Channel 4 sitcom. The rehearsal I’m watching as I wander on to the Hertfordshire set features Prince Harry (played by Richard Goulding: JP’s brother Tomothy in Fresh Meat) attempting to marry the daughter of the Aussie prime minister, in a bid to get over his ill-advised attraction to Pippa. The Windsors' Meghan Markle (Kathryn Drysdale) and Prince Harry (Richard Goulding) Credit: This picture may be used solely for Channel 4 programme publicity purposes in connection w Prince William (Hugh Skinner) and Kate Middleton (Louise Ford), Beatrice (Celeste Dring), Harry (Richard Goulding) and Eugenie (Ellie White).


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