dakota modular safe
For items under 150 lbs the order will be shipped with FedEx or UPS and occasionally USPS. )The master code can be set to accept from 4 - 8 digits.1. The interior of your gun safe is also taken into consideration. Wow. Do not tighten bolts at this time.3. We know how important moisture control inside a safe is, and that is why our SAFE DRI 2 was developed to remove that moisture. Making sure that the EZ rack is at the same height as the seam between the upper and lower back panels.15. And in doing this we always keep our costs in check. Insert floor panel(#8) making sure that the panel is all the way forward to the front of the safe, leaving a gap at the back.12. Yes, you can take these modular gun safes apart, move them and reassemble the safe with nothing more than a mallet. Dakota Products. Attach left side panel(#3) to back panel(#5) with bolts provided. Do not tighten bolts at this time.6. ... but it is in a small closet with a door opening smaller than the smallest dimension of the safe, +1 for the modular design. Tighten all bolts at this time, aligning each panel while tightening. Product was selected, questions answered and delivery was super. Gold: Inside placement (ground level delivery only) pallet and debris removal. It can be set to accept from 4 to 8 digits.1. While lock is still in program mode enter new 4 - 8 digit code, then press #3. However, this maximum capacity will only work if you do not use the shelving. Watch out for retail markups on gun safes!) In order to offer more fire resistance, Dakota safes are built with the inclusion of special material layers in the body, a Palusol Heat seal and a composite door. 2. User code change instructions:This code will be the one that you will use on a daily basis. We are also searching for new ways to enhance our products. This way, Dakota safes provide 1 hour 45 minutes fire resistance at 1250° degrees temperature. From the beauty of our SAFEART wildlife magnets, to the strength of our DAKOTA® and BLACK DIAMOND® SAFES. Depending on the weight of the safe you may want to arrange for additional help to bring the safe inside. Dakota® Safe Company, for all your gun safe and related needs. This way, Dakota safes provide 1 hour 45 minutes fire resistance at 1250° degrees temperature. All Dakota Safes have Anti-Pry tabs. 10 inches from the right side panel with the notch fitting under the EZ gun rack.17. Attach right side panel(#4) to door, back and floor panel with bolts provided. Modular Design • Customizable Interior Open each of the four boxes and inspect to see if there is any damage and that all parts have been supplied. I'll be back. Do not tighten bolts at this time. High Level Of Security 5 interlocking panels plus the gun safe door are easy to move and easy to handle. Do not tighten bolts at this time. Enter existing master code then press *You will hear a beep and the green light will stay on for a period of ten seconds indicating that lock is in the program mode.2. Congratulations to all of you !!!". FREE Shipping (Standard): Free curbside delivery with liftgate to the ground level. Rechargeable silica gel desiccant used as a dehumidifier for safes and areas from 30 to 60 cubic feet... Silica Gel dehumidifer one time use package that will protect up to 13 cubic feet... Adjustable 6 Gun Pistol Rack Storage System... Versatile 6 Gun Rack helps maximize pistol storage capacity... Versatile 4 Gun Rack helps maximize pistol storage capacity... Additional storage for guns in any safe and even a great solution to hiding a pistol in a closet. INTERLOCK-XPEXTERIOR ASSEMBLY1. Each of our products has been derived from our extensive experience and years that we have been in the safe business. All safes come with the Dakota logo emblazoned on the front in black. Install side shelves(#15 and 16) at the desired height with shelf brackets.18. Packaged in Four Separate BoxesNo Moving Equipment RequiredEasily Installs Up or Down Stairs • Fits Through Narrow DoorwaysSimple Self Assembly • No Expensive Delivery CostsModular Design • Customizable Interior. If anything is missing or damaged please call 1 - 888 - 469 - SAFE(7233) INTERLOCK-XP EXTERIOR ASSEMBLY 1. The Dakota Line of safes feature 10 gauge steel, fully welded body construction and many features comparable to most high end safes at a reasonable cost. 900lb weight limitation for this service. Bronze: 1-2 person delivery to garage or first dry area. At Dakota Safe Company we know you work hard for your money and therefore expect quality when purchasing a product. Existing User code 1234 then press # to enter2. If you have a narrow, steep, or inaccessible driveway for an 18 wheel truck and trailer, you will need to upgrade to our Bronze, Gold or Platinum level service (generally delivered on a 26' truck). The carrier will call in advance to schedule delivery. Attach door panel(#6) to left side panel(#3) with bolts provided. Please contact us before the item ships if you live on a rural route, area not serviced by freight carriers, or on an Island. Count on about 5-6 long guns if you want to use the shelving. The best part: I saved over $800 on my AMSEC safe, compared with what I would have paid local retail. ", "This was one of my best internet purchases ever, from the website, to the person who answered my questions before the purchase, to the person who scheduled the delivery, to the two delivery persons, who were friendly, efficient and very helpful.


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